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The Challenging Situation | The Great Maratha | Hindi TV Serial On DVD | Views and reviews

One is always looking for personal interest more than anything, this is the basic psychology implanted into everyone by the efforts needs to be paid in the survival of the fittest

So the chief minister at Delhi is also looking to get advantage of the situation, naturally. As the emperor was no more, the chief minister have declared the nephew of the late emperor Alamgir as the next emperor, who can work under his influence as a puppet. This will of course irk anger in the eldest son of the emperor, Ali Gauhar, as the eldest son is always considered as the successor of the throne.

TV Serial : The Great Maratha
Producer : Sanjay Khan
Production House : Numero Uno Productions
Based On : Story by
Script :
Dialogs :
Music : Khayyam
ScreenPlay :
Direction :

SSanjay Khan
(with several episode directors)

Cast : Shahbaaz Khan, Mukesh Khanna, Pankaj Dheer, Parikshit Sahni, Benjamin Gilani, Bob Christo, Irfan, Maya Alagh, Arun Mathur, Sanjay Sharma, Shailendra, Deepraj Rana, Firoz Ali, Faquira, Ali Khan, Mahabir Bhullar, Zuber Sanam, Browny Parashar, Dinkar, Dev Dutt, Devesh Khan, Praksh Mhatre, Kartika Rane , and many others

Ali Gauhar took his stand and does what he can.

Here, Najib-Ud-Daula meets Sardar Barkhurdar Khan, the commandant of Ahmed Shah Abdali. Barkhurdar Khan gave the news to Najib that Abdali not only reached at the borders of Hindustan (India) but conquered the areas of Punjab. Happy Najib confirms him that he will come with his army to meet Abdali at a certain place in Punjab. Now the situations are in favor of Najib and the possibilities of him being the ruler at Delhi are almost 100%. Najib still have one more target in his mind, Shuja-Ud-Daula, the count of Avadh. In addition to the Marathas, Najib considered count of Avadh also as one of his enemies and was willing get him defeated as well! The lust for the power, the hunger for the authority makes one thinking all the other powerful fellows are his enemies!

The Maratha soldiers were talking about the situation at Delhi. It is a the headquarter of a sultanat where there is no army or no money and two emperors claiming the throne. What worse could be possible? Abdali have attacked at the right time (for him). The only positive supporter of the sultanat is the peshwa. They were also discussing what possible stand other rulers like the Jaat king and count of Avadh etc. will take. A bitter truth was told by one soldier that it will came to know later that who is supporting whom, when there will be a battle with the army of Abdali; but as of now the biggest problem is that the Indian rulers are not united and fighting against each other (in stead of fight the attacker).

The commandant of the Maratha army, Dattaji Scindia (Shinde/Schindia) met Ganpatrao, the messenger from Delhi and get aware with the situation. As the army sent by Peshwa is on the way but its whereabouts were unknown and Dattaji should not expect any Mughal soldier helping them, as they are currently having the tricky situations. The count of Avadh took the neutral stand so he also cannot be expected to help the army. The summary is the situation was tough for the army led by Dattaji, they were stuck between Punjab and Delhi. The only action they can take (in addition to get prepared for the war and take wise decisions) is to inform the ambassador of Peshwa in Avadh to not let Najib and Shuja-Ud-Daula meet; because it can make the situation even worst.

Tukoji and Jankoji were on the way towards Najib’s territory and Mahadji went towards Abdali’s way, to collect the latest whereabouts for all them. There enters Mahadij Shinde, the protagonist with a BANG. The persona and acting of Shabaaz Khan as Mahadji is first rate. In addition the actors playing Najib, Dattaji, Tukoji, Jankoji are great too. It balances the poor acting by the actors playing princes of Mughal emperor and some other characters in their court. Mahadji encountered with a group of soldiers of Abdali and what happened next is better to watch on screen.

Mahadji see the large army of Abdali is coming towards them and Tukoji and Jankoji see Najib’s army is on the way too. What will happen now? The small unit of Maratha army lead by Dattaji (and forced with Mahadji, Tukoji and Jankoji) is waiting for the army sent by Peshwa, which is on the way but no whereabouts of the same is known yet. Najib and Abdali came fully prepared and outnumber them by far distance. No help from Delhi or Jaat king Surajmal can be expected and the count of Avadh is neutral. The situation is not good for them at all. We will keep reviewing the events followed….

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