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The Shield | US TV Series on DVD | Introduction

If you like to explore police procedural and/or crime dramas then there is one more English TV Serial you will like to go for – The Shield. It was premiered on 12th March 2002 in USA. Focused on the cops who don’t mind going out of the way to get the result, this serial got warm welcome from the public.

Actually it is setup in a fictional district of USA (Farmington district, often referred as The Farm) and revolves around a group of detectives who served in “The Barn” police station. The group is known as “Strike Team”. On a side note, a group of 4 detectives who work as anti-gang, is inspired by real life Rampart Division Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums (CRASH) of Los Angeles Police Department.

Principal Characters and Actors who played them:

Actor Character Role Series
Michael Chiklis
Vic Mackey Detective 1-7
Walton Goggins
Shane Vendrell Detective 1-7
Kenneth Johnson
Curtis “Lem” Lemansky Detective 1-5
David Rees Snell
Ronnie Gardocki Detective 1-7
CCH Pounder
Claudette Wyms Captain 1-7
Jay Karnes
Holland “Dutch” Wagenbach Detective 1-7
Catherine Dent
Danielle “Danny” Sofer Sergeant 1-7
Michael Jace
Julien Lowe Corporal 1-7
Benito Martinez
David Aceveda Captain / Councilman / Reserve Officer 1-7
Cathy Cahlin Ryan
Corrine Mackey Civilian 1-7
Glenn Close
Monica Rawling Captain 1-4
Reed Diamond
Terry Crowley Detective 1-2
David Marciano
Steve Billings Detective 4-7
Paula Garcés
Tina Hanlon Officer 5-7

Here the makers try to give equal weightage to almost all the main characters and each episode is usually focused on a different case. The serial also explores the down sides (aka weak points) of all the principal characters in addition to their strength. Thus, it is obvious to find each episode explores various attributes of different main characters. Of course, various cases are going on parallel. Sometimes you see the totally opposite sides of a character is explored.

The season was well received and was renewed for Season 2. And then, based on the viewers’ response, it was extended for more seasons, making the season 7 as the last season (aired in 2008).

Season 1

Of course, we will provide you episode wise reviews for each of the 88 episodes later on. But season 1 is mainly focused on introduction of the characters and exploring their attributes along with other stuff. David is assigned as the new captain of the Barn. He have his priorities. This season explores how he deals with them all.

Title Director Written By Release Date
Pilot Clark Johnson March 12, 2002
Our Gang Gary Fleder March 19, 2002
The Spread Clark Johnson March 26, 2002
Dawg Days Stephen Gyllenhaal April 2, 2002
Blowback Clark Johnson April 9, 2002
Cherrypoppers D. J. Caruso April 16, 2002
Pay in Pain D. J. Caruso April 23, 2002
Cupid & Psycho Guy Ferland April 30, 2002
Throwaway Leslie Libman May 7, 2002
Dragonchasers Nick Gomez May 14, 2002
Carnivores Scott Brazil Story by:
Teleplay by:
May 21, 2002
Two Days of Blood Guy Ferland May 28, 2002
Circles Scott Brazil June 4, 2002
Season 2

This season is also 13 episode longer. Drug lord Armadillo is the main antagonist introduced in this season. In addition to the business of drugs he is a psycho rapist as well. One officer of the team shot one man and the consequences of that event is also dealt in this season.

Title Director Written By Release Date
The Quick Fix Scott Brazil January 7, 2003
Dead Soldiers John Badham January 14, 2003
Partners Guy Ferland January 21, 2003
Carte Blanche Peter Horton January 28, 2003
Greenlit Terrence O’Hara February 4, 2003
Homewrecker Scott Brazil February 11, 2003
Barnstormers Scott Winant February 18, 2003
Scar Tissue Paris Barclay February 25, 2003
Co-Pilot Peter Horton March 4, 2003
Coyotes Davis Guggenheim March 11, 2003
Inferno Brad Anderson Story by: &
Teleplay by:
March 18, 2003
Breakpoint Félix Alcalá March 25, 2003
Dominoes Falling Scott Brazil April 1, 2003
Season 3

Aired in 2014 this season consists of 15 episodes. The incidents explored in this season are the consequences of the money train heist. Telling more about it will reveal all the suspense details related to it.

Title Director Written By Release Date
Playing Tight Clark Johnson March 9, 2004
Blood and Water Clark Johnson March 16, 2004
Bottom Bitch Scott Brazil March 23, 2004
Streaks and Tips Scott Brazil March 30, 2004
Mum Nick Gomez April 6, 2004
Posse Up Félix Alcalá April 13, 2004
Safe Peter Horton April 20, 2004
Cracking Ice Guy Ferland April 27, 2004
Slipknot Michael Chiklis May 4, 2004
What Power Is… Dean White May 11, 2004
Strays David Mamet May 18, 2004
Riceburner Scott Brazil May 25, 2004
Fire in the Hole Guy Ferland June 1, 2004
All In Stephen Kay June 8, 2004
On Tilt Scott Brazil June 15, 2004
Season 4

This season was aired in 2005 and is 13 episodes longer. Glenn Close joins the team and takes over as the captain of Strike team. There is a sub plot also moves parallel where differences between fellows are explored.

Title Director Written By Release Date
The Cure Scott Brazil March 15, 2005
Grave Paris Barclay March 22, 2005
Bang Guy Ferland March 29, 2005
Doghouse Dean White April 5, 2005
Tar Baby Guy Ferland April 12, 2005
Insurgents Vondie Curtis-Hall April 19, 2005
Hurt Nick Gomez April 26, 2005
Cut Throat Dean White Story by: &
Teleplay by: &
May 3, 2005
String Theory Philip G. Atwell May 17, 2005
Back in the Hole Scott Brazil Story by:
Teleplay by: &
May 24, 2005
A Thousand Deaths Stephen Kay Story by:
Teleplay by:
May 31, 2005
Judas Priest David Von Ancken Story by: & Charles H. Eglee
Teleplay by: &
June 7, 2005
Ain’t That a Shame Stephen Kay Story by: & Kurt Sutter
Teleplay by: &
June 14, 2005
Season 5

Aired in very beginning of 2006 this season have 11 episodes. Internal Affairs Division Lt. Jon Kavanaugh is one of the key characters of the season. An investigation on the Strike team carries out which proves to be the biggest challenge the team have fought with so far.

Title Director Written By Release Date
Extraction D. J. Caruso January 10, 2006
Enemy of Good Guy Ferland January 17, 2006
Jailbait Stephen Kay January 24, 2006
Tapa Boca Guy Ferland January 31, 2006
Trophy Philip G. Atwell February 7, 2006
Rap Payback Michael Chiklis February 14, 2006
Man Inside Dean White February 21, 2006
Kavanaugh D. J. Caruso February 28, 2006
Smoked Dean White March 7, 2006
Of Mice and Lem Gwyneth Horder-Payton March 14, 2006
Postpartum Stephen Kay March 21, 2006

This 15-minute mini-episode was produced between the fifth and sixth seasons, and initially released to various websites in February 2007 as a promotion for season six. It was later made available on the Season 5 DVD set. This episode is referred as a “promosode” at many places.

Mini Episode
Title Director Written By Release Date
Kurt Sutter Elizabeth A. Hansen & Lisa Randolph
Season 6

Aired in the second quarter of 2007 this season is 10 episodes longer. Of course, it continues from where we left in Season 5. Loss of a fellow and its emotional effects on the team member(s) are explored in addition to the main duties of the team.

Title Director Written By Release Date
On the Jones Michael Fields April 3, 2007
Baptism by Fire Guy Ferland April 10, 2007
Back to One Gwyneth Horder-Payton April 17, 2007
The New Guy Clark Johnson April 24, 2007
Haunts Michael Chiklis May 1, 2007
Chasing Ghosts Frank Darabont May 8, 2007
Exiled Dean White May 15, 2007
The Math of the Wrath Rohn Schmidt May 22, 2007
Recoil Guy Ferland May 29, 2007
Spanish Practices Paris Barclay June 5, 2007
Season 7

Aired in the third quarter of 2008 Season 7 was the last season of the series. It was 13 episodes longer. There are many crimes and plots exposed in the season which works effectively as the finale of the series.

Title Director Written By Release Date
Coefficient of Drag Guy Ferland September 2, 2008
Snitch Gwyneth Horder-Payton September 9, 2008
Money Shot Terrence O’Hara September 16, 2008
Genocide Dean White September 23, 2008
Game Face Michael Chiklis September 30, 2008
Animal Control Gwyneth Horder-Payton October 7, 2008
Bitches Brew Stephen Kay October 14, 2008
Parricide Guy Ferland October 21, 2008
Moving Day Rohn Schmidt October 28, 2008
Party Line Gwyneth Horder-Payton November 4, 2008
Petty Cash Craig Brewer November 11, 2008
Possible Kill Screen Billy Gierhart November 18, 2008
Family Meeting Clark Johnson November 25, 2008

This entire TV Series is available as a DVD set. The hard work of the entire team is quite evident on screen. The series was critically acclaimed for several performances.

Selected Award Nominations

The TV Series and actors/mucicians/producers/directors/authors and other crew members assoicated with the same were notminated for various awards and won many of them. Here is a compiled list of selected nominations from the same.

Award Year Category Nominee(s) Result
Primetime Emmy Award 2002 Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series Michael Chiklis Won
Primetime Emmy Award 2002 Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series Clark Johnson Nominated
Primetime Emmy Award 2002 Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series Nominated
Primetime Emmy Award 2003 Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series Michael Chiklis Nominated
Primetime Emmy Award 2005 Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series Glenn Close Nominated
Primetime Emmy Award 2005 Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series CCH Pounder Nominated
Golden Globe Award 2003 Best Television Series – Drama The Shield Won
Golden Globe Award 2003 Best Actor – Television Series Drama Michael Chiklis Won
Golden Globe Award 2006 Best Actor – Television Series Drama Michael Chiklis Nominated

Watch out for the episode wise reviews for the TV serial in coming days. The list of the episodes will be kept updated with the links to Episode wise reviews, so don’t forget to bookmark this page. Also keep in mind that the parental guidance is required to watch this TV serial.

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