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Sannata | Story 5 Of Katha Sagar | Hindi TV Serial On DVD | Reviews

Episode #5 and #6 of Hindi TV Serial Katha Sagar explores the famous story – The Father By E. Arnold Bennett.

Sannata - Katha Sagar

Sannata – Katha Sagar

It is all about the father of a child, there is one who is biological and there is one who took him under his shadow, raise him as his own child. Despite from knowing the fact about the child he never himself thought about the kid as he is not his own blood. So genuine and true father.

TV Serial :
Katha Sagar
Episode :
Sannata : Part 1, Sannata : Part 2
Based On :
Short Story: The Father
Producers : Prem Kishen Malhotra, Sunil Mehta
Episode Director :
Ved Rahi
TV Adaptation and Dialogs :
# of Discs : 8
Actors : Benjamin Gilani, Supriya Pathak, Ajit Vachhani, and others…
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It is quite a long story so the director chose to have two episode to tell the story. The first episode mainly builds the characters and second concludes the story taking it to a fantastic end.

A middle aged fellow name K. G. is living his life without any interest. He neither have any interest in his office work (and he doesn’t do it at all) nor keeping himself groomed. It seems his life is going nowhere. One day when wandering on a beach, he got surrounded by several kids. He got attracted to one of them miraculously! Why? Because he used to look very similar to that boy before 30 years!!!

He then saw the boy running towards his mother and hug her. He got shocked. Later we got to know that the lady (who was the mother of the kid) is someone K. G. was in love with, before long ago! He then asks himself a question whether the boy he saw was his kid?!!

Well, it was pretty much possible. K. G. then recalls his past and we see it in his flashback. It was the time when he was young and attractive. He was attracted towards a girl named Anu. And after several meetings in bus, they decided once to meet in a park. It became a routine and despite of being not agree by the thought of meeting him alone in isolated places, Anu couldn’t stop herself meeting him.

K. G. was ready to be committed to the relation or thinking to get married and father kids. On the other end, Anu was quite serious and keeps asking him repeatedly to come to meet her mother. She was also feeling guilty for the relation which was not taking any firm shape! There came a situation where Anu found that she was pregnant with the kid of K. G. So it became necessary for her to get married to K. G. at the earliest. K. G. confirms that he will do the needful and will be there to visit her mother at her home.

He however chose another way, he decided to run away! Run away from the responsibilities, run away for his own freedom! And he ran away without telling Anu the same, who desperately waited for him. Krishna Gopal aka K. G. chose to be coward and run away.

What happened then after is easy to guess. But the sadness, the sorrows and the problems Anu have faced after being abandoned by K. G., and that too in such situation, are beyond imagination.

Anu is happily married to a gentleman. Her husband loves her and their kid a lot. He is very genuine and caring person, by the way.

What will happen this point forward? Will K. G. continue his quest to find whether the kid is his child? Will he be able to meet Anu? and the kid? Will Anu’s husband got to know about it? What will he react? Well, all these is better to watch on screen.

The middle class houses are represented quite effectively in the serial. Benjamin Gilani delivers fantastic performance as a vulnerable youth. Supriya Pathak is fantastic. Ditto for late Ajit Vachhani. The supportive cast does their bits. The background music is fantastic and a positive attribute of both the episodes. The story is very tight emotional.

It actually represents some very real situations. Even educated girls, who are employed somewhere got to fall for the man she doesn’t know much. Such man were even get succeed in getting the girl ready to make love with him and when it is the time to take the responsibility, they run away. Of course, there are few such characters, but they do exist. There are a few of them, who later realize about the mistake(s) they made and got burnt in the fire of the same. The girls should have to be more alert and follow their intelligent and instincts together in such situations. There are also people like the character played by Ajit.

The director, script writer and others did really implement genuine efforts to make this tale into episodes of a TV Series. There are so many serials we watch these days on lot many channels. But we really miss such simple representation of issue based stuff. If you have strong content and talented actors, budget or sets doesn’t matter. You need not to zoom-in-out the same shot or showing the same stuff from few different angles!

The title justifies as “the emptiness in one’s mind and heart”. A very well thought one.

Overall a nice stuff to go for, sure. The tale gives very simple message, you will get what you give others. It is about to wake up your soul.

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