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Rose | Episode 1 Of Doctor Who (Ninth Doctor) | Views And Reviews

We have introduced our readers to a TV Serial named Doctor Who (based on a fictional character of the same name) a while ago.

Today we are going to talk about the first episode of season 1 of Doctor Who – Ninth incarnation.

TV Serial : Doctor Who
Incarnation : Ninth Doctor
Season : Season 1
Episode #
: 1
Episode #
: 157
Episode Title : Rose
Director :
Keith Boak
Produced by : Phil Collinson
Executive producer(s) : Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner, Mal Young,
Written by :
Script editor :
Music By : Murray Gold
Originally Aired : 26 March 2005
Starring : Christopher Eccleston (Ninth Doctor), Billie Piper (Rose Tyler),
Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler), Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith), Mark Benton (Clive), Elli Garnett (Caroline), Adam McCoy (Clive’s Son), Alan Ruscoe (Auton), Paul Kasey (Auton), David Sant (Auton), Elizabeth Fost (Auton), Helen Otway (Auton), Jo Osmond (Auton), Lisa Osmond (Auton), Nicholas Briggs (Nestene Voice), and others…

The episode is expected to introduce us to the new Doctor (ninth incarnation) and his new companion – Rose Taylor. The episode is named after the companion – Rose.

The plot:

Rose Taylor lives with her mother in an average borough of London. She works in a shop as a shop girl. The day was almost like everyday for herm until it reaches to it’s end.

When she was leaving for the day, she got a packet to deliver into the office. And hence she went to the basement. Here she was cornered and attacked by the living mannequins (plastic models found in shops, used to demonstrate various cloths and articles)!

She was not only shocked by the attack, but also seeing the mannequins moving like normal people. How was it possible at all? At the right moment, she was saved by a stranger who took her out of the store and asks her to run away while he blast the building (to get rid all those shady mannequins). Confused Rose follows the instructions and she witness the store (where she used to work) blasting!

At home, while she was still in shock and trying to understand what happened, her mother was trying make any good of the situation. Next morning Rose found that as the shop is no more, she doesn’t need to get ready and go to work.

She was however witnessed by the same gentleman she met who saved her yesterday. He came searching for an organ leftover of that mannequin who attacked Rose yesterday. How he finds it and eventually how the incidents takes their turn is the rest of the episode.

Views and Reviews:

While there are many TV Series aired regularly which give viewers (especially the growing ups) wrong messages. Well, teaching them techniques to con, or introducing them to Sex prematurely, showing them violence on the screen, etc. will definitely do “no good” to them. It will eventually give us a generation who is low in terms of morals and ethics.

There are wisdom tales like PanchTantra and others which have all positive aspects and they are popular too.

Doctor Who – is good in term that it introduces viewer to the world of science. It explores the good and the bad of the technological advancements. Then it motivates the viewer for following right path (indirectly in many cases).

The story explored in this episode is one way shows us the wrongs of “heavy usage of plastics” in our life. We became so much obsessed with many things (necessary and unnecessary) that we use them at exhausting level. Which is not good for the planet, the society and ultimately – the people – us.

The way it is explore in SciFi movies that the robots might take over us eventually. Here we see similar plot, but here the mannequins are the ones who came to life and takes control of everything, while controlled from a powerful source of energy.

The writers must be appreciated for bringing in such nice script to us. The makers have taken care of having the most realistic locations and incidents took place in the episode. Of course, being a SciFi it have it’s share of “larger than the life” stuff, but most of the stuff is realistic and thus effective.

The writers make sure (and director followed the execution properly) to give equal weightage to each character. Often we see that in order to show the protagonist(s) powerful, rest of the characters are sidelined. It ultimately makes the plot weaker. Here we see that every major character get some scenes where they are important.

If there would be any other TV Series, Doctor Who, should be able to find out the source of energy and it’s control center which is so big and then also hidden in the middle of London somewhere! Here Rose helps him finding that!

While every actor tries to do justice to the character he/she is playing; we must mention Christopher Eccleston – who plays the protagonist. He have the authority and especially mischief in his personality making his character more likeable.

Saying that, the background music of the episode goes well with the flow of the episode. The dialogs are witty and humorous at places. The technology was not so advance (or available at that level to the makers) at the time of filming the episode and thus you will find special effects lame; when compare to what we are seeing on TV/Movie screen these days. While some scenes (like a guy was sticked to the garbage bin) can be a lot better in terms of special effects; most of the episode is a delight to watch.

The last scene:

Here is “to be or not to be” (well, to go or not to go – with Doctor) moment for Rose. And, we know what she is going to do 🙂

Final verdict:

You should go for it.

Interesting facts:

The episode was earlier planned to be titled as “Rose meets the Doctor, and the journey begins”. The title was considered longer and thus shortened to “Rose Meets The Doctor”, and finally it is shortened to “Rose”.

The episode was storyboarded by artist Anthony Williams.

Earlier Edgar Wright was considered to direct the episode, but as he was busy with other project, finally Keith Boak have directed this episode.

The climax was filmed in an unused paper mill in Grangetown, Cardiff.

Over to you:

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