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Reviews for Kahen Kavi Kalidas Episode of Hindi TV Serial Byomkesh Bakshi

Episode #21 of Hindi TV Serial Byomkesh Bakshi is a murder mystery titled as Kahen Kavi Kalidas. The fictional incidents explored in this episode are set up in 1960.

TV Serial : Byomkesh Bakshi
Season : Season 2
Episode # : 9
Episode Title : Kahen Kavi Kalidas
Originally Aired : 1997
Director : Basu Chatterji
Associate Directors : Ravindra Singh, Kumarar Pravin
Music : Anand Shankar
Asst. Music Director : Nanda Kumar Das
Sound : P. K. Chhabra, Pramod Purandare,
Make Up : Mahendra Chonkar
Wardrobe : Pyare Lal, Salim Jan (Assoicate), Madhav Men’s Modes (Dress Designer)
Art Director : Jadab Bhattacharya, Shankar Zade (Associate)
Editor : Birpal Singh, Godfrey Gonsalves
Photography : Ajay Prabhakar, H. N. Singh
Stills : Kamat Photo Flash
Make Up : Jagat kumar, Prakash Kotian
Screenplay : , ,
Story :
Junior artists : Chandu & Co.
Production House : Basu Chatterji Production for
Starring : Rajit Kapoor (Byomkesh Bakshi), Rajesh Jais (Phani characterborty), Bablu Mukherji (Arving Haldar), Sunil Chauhan (Mrigen Mullick), Aditya Srivastava (Madhumoy Sur), Sumant Mastkar (Pranhari Poddar), Dolan Roy (Mohini), Prem Dutt (Bhuvaneshwar), Shahnawaz (Inspector Barat), Ganesh Pande (Dr Ghoshal), and others…

You will be glad to see that many junior actors you see in this episode will look familiar as they later got famous for some remarkable roles they have played in various other TV Serials. Let us take a bird’s eye view to the episode. But, let me warn you that while I try my level best, some of the spoilers are unavoidable :).

Book Plot:

There are various things one needs to learn in life. The most important of them is bad habits are bad indeed. Gambling and greed are definitely two such attributes which you need to keep at bay.

We see that four friends are regular at a local club where they used to play cards. Each of them belongs to a family which owns a mine and is wealthy. Rather than paying attention to their family business, they just keep visiting such clubs regularly and often lose thousands of rupees (in that time, when they are not less than a few lakhs, if not millions)! And when you have one wrong habit, some other comes uninvited!

One day a man named Pranhari Poddar bumped into them when they are having one such card-playing session in a club. Pranhari got friendly with them and they get along good. Eventually, Pranhari invited them to his home to have a gambling session using cards. Their first experience at Pranhari’s place was good and later they started going there regularly!

Mohini, a maid working at Pranhari’s place is an additional attraction, at least for one of them! Knowing that Pranhari started cheating in games. He used to call Mohini with cold drinks, snacks, tea or other similar reason, and while she was delivering it, of course in her attractive style, Pranhari used to change cards! This way, he used to win a few thousand rupees from them, daily!

One day, one of them caught Pranhari red-handed. It resulted in a small scuffle between Pranhari and them. They storm out from Pranhari’s home but they are very angry and decided to take revenge from Pranhari. One day, they visited Pranhari’s place with a strong desire to beat him but they found Pranhari’s dead body there!

Of course, they were the prime suspects for the police, but they cannot be arrested simply based on a statement by a car driver who confirmed seeing them to visit Pranhari’s home on the day he was murdered.

Byomkesh comes into the picture and he started digging into the events happened in recent past, to find out who the killer was.

Of course, Byomkesh will succeed in the end, but you need to watch the episode to know who killed (if he is murdered) Pranhari, and why.

Views and Reviews:

While the majority of actors in this episode are really convincing and had delivered satisfactory performance; it is Rajit Kapoor who steals the show. Of course, we miss K K Raina in this episode, but the dramatization of this story is done in such a way, that he is not in this episode. While you may find one of the actors is doing a little over-acting, almost everyone else is really remarkable. And thus, in terms of performances, this episode is definitely good.

The sets and/or locales are really convincing and authentic. By means of a club, you not going to see something flashy and splendid, but rather a realistic location. Even the wardrobe is convincing and so does the makeup of the actors.

If you have an eye for the details that in such beautiful episode, the director does various blunders as well. For example, when a driver was dealing with the flat tyre, you see that the car tyre was actually not punctured and have enough air! Such things are not expected, especially in a quality detective fiction.

The dialogues are simple and effective. The dramatization of the story is done convincingly. The dialogues by Byomkesh in the last scene are endorsed by many and so does the inspector is right from his point of view.

In such dramas, the background music plays an important role in establishing the impact of scenes. The background music in this episode is quite in sync. The lighting is convincing and the cameraman knows his job. Even the editing is good, only a few ends could have been tightened to make it more effectively.


Overall, a nice episode. If you love detective fictions, you will surely enjoy it. It proves that if you have good talent at disposal, you can create effective media at tight budget also.

The good thing is, this episode is available on YouTube to watch for free, uploaded by DoorDarshan.

Over to you:

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Watch out for our views and reviews for the next episode of Byomkesh Bakshi – Season 2 to see which is the next challenge against Byomkesh and how he seeks the truth.

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