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Reviewing Episode 4 And 5 Of Hindi SitCom Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi : Available On DVD

Here we are reviewing both Episode 4 and Episode 5 of Hindi SitCom – Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi – together because they are a single tale expanded into two parts. The episodes are titled as – South Indian Marriage.

TV Serial :
Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi
Directors : Kundan Shah, Manjul Sinha, Raman Kumar
Writer : Sharad Joshi
Opening Theme Singer : Kishore Kumar
Starring : Shafi Inamdar, Swaroop Sampat, Rakesh Bedi, Satish Shah, Tiku Talsania, Vijay Kashyap, Sulabha Arya, and others…

Mr. Venkat is neighbor of Ranjit, Renu and Raja. One day early morning he visited Ranjit and family. Actually they were searching for grooms for his daughter(s). Today a meet with a potential candidate has been arranged but the problem Mr. Venkat has, he doesn’t have enough space in his home. So he want Ranjit and family to help them. Ranjit, Renu and Raja are always ready to help the neighbors of course. It came to our knowledge that the candidate is serving in a nationalized bank and open minded. Though his parents are orthodox.

Renu rearranged her house in complete South Indian style. They themselves wore the cloths in the South Indian style and made some South Indian food also. It seems that Kavita was not ready to see the guy coming to see her though. When Renu tried getting her convinced she gotta know that actually Kavita is in love with some other guy.

Anyway the family of the boy came to see Kavita at sharp Six O’Clock. They seems to be believing in astrology too much. They brought their pundit with them, who on each every step helping them by checking whether it is the proper time to do the stuff or not! They asked for Pundit from the to-be-bride’s side as well. In order to arrange the Pundit immediately, Ranjit convince Raja to play to role of a pundit and represent him as Rajam Shastri. In absence of Panchang (an astrology related book necessary for the astrology calculations) Raja was handed over a Calculator!

How Raja, Renu and Ranjit try doing their best to help Mr. Venkat and his family, what will be the fate of Kavita’s love story, how will the conversation and match-making between both the Pundits proceed; are delight to watch. The groom-to-be and his parents mistakes Renu as the birde-to-be and that comedy of errors is delight to watch.

The acting from principal cast in these episodes is delight to watch. Be it Shafi, Swaroop, Rakesh or Satish, they excel, especially the South Indian style they adopted is fantastic. The girl Kavita and his possible groom are the actors, not doing up-to-the marks. Rest of them plays their part convincingly. The set and the background music is definitely complementary.

Overall not too funny episodes. You may watch them if you have free time.

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