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Reviewing Episode 2 Of Hindi SitCom Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi (Season 1) Available On DVD

In the current era of marketing and consumerism where people are usually influenced to spend even more than what they earn, some of the livelihoods are no more considered as a big thing to have. Now we expect people to have some of the items available in their home. But there are several furniture items which are a major purchase for a middle class family, for example, a cupboard, a television or refrigerator, a dining table, a sofa etc.

TV Serial :
Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi
Directors : Kundan Shah, Manjul Sinha, Raman Kumar
Writer : Sharad Joshi
Opening Theme Singer : Kishore Kumar
Starring : Shafi Inamdar, Swaroop Sampat, Rakesh Bedi, Satish Shah, Tiku Talsania, Vijay Kashyap, Sulabha Arya, and others…

There was a time when sofa-cum-bed was considered as a luxury item and families were considering it as a matter of pride to have it. And for a middle class family – where even both husband and wife are doing job, it was (and even is) purchasing a furniture item is a major thing. The second episode of the famous Sitcom – Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi – which is now available on DVD, allow us to watch it at leisure – is focused on a similar stuff. The episode is titled as Sofa cum Bed. Ranjeet (aka Ranjit) and Renu expect a guest to visit their home and they do not have good furniture in their living room so they decided to have a sofa cum bed – to impress the guest.

Actually, the sofa-cum-bed was already ordered by them earlier, but somehow the vendor haven’t send it to their home till now. So they are a little worried and asked Raja to follow the vendor up for the same. The conversation between Ranjeet and Raja is really a joy to watch when they are trying to give the responsibility – to bring the sofa-cum-bed to home – to each other. The dialogs are witty here. Ultimately Raja does his bit and the sofa-cum-bed was on its way to their home.

But the life is not as straight forward as expected. Especially not for this family. The sofa however reached their home, the conversation between Raja and the salesman about where to position the sofa in the drawing room, is also fun to watch. The sofa is positioned at a nice place in their drawing room. Now the center of all the activities for all the family members is the sofa. This happens in almost all the middle class families when a new stuff is purchased, the activities are center with it. Also the way Ranjit and Renu try to show this new purchase to their neighbors with proud, is the realistic picturization of the stuff.

The way Mandira ask her husband to cancel the order of the sofa-cum-bed they also placed, and the reason she give for the same; shows the psychology very correctly. Anyway, even when the guest (Maheshbhai) visits their home in the evening (to welcome and impress him, Ranjit and Renu bought the sofa) – Ranjit, Renu and Raja remain focused on the sofa-cum-bed only. What happens this point forward is delight to watch.

For comedy, watching the stuff with very own eyes, gives the maximum pleasure. When you know what is to come next, it will be less interesting. So let us not spill the beans here.

The comic timings for all the principal cast members is really great. All four main characters Shafi, Swaroop, Rakesh and Satish are equally competent. Swaroop needs to work on her dialog delivery a little. The DVD quality is good, as the stuff is digitally restored but you may find it’s quality a little less attractive then what you see nowadays on the TV. But, the content and acting are the souls of any drama and it excels there.

Definitely a good watch-with-the-family experience.

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