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Office Office Hindi TV Serial On DVD Episode 2 Reviews and Details

Detailed information and reviews for the Episode 2 of Office Office Hindi TV Serial which is now available on DVD. This episode revolves around the Bank and how a genuine common man gets humiliated there.

TV Serial : Office Office
Director : Rajiv Mehra
Manufacturer : Eagle Home Entertainment
Video Encoding : All Regions
Number of Discs : 16
Actors : Pankaj Kapoor, Asawari Joshi, Sanjay Mishra, Deven Bhojani, Hemant Pandey, Manoj Pahwa

Mr. Musaddilal Sharma have scheduled his son’s Mundan ceremony (the first hair cut of a baby in which he/she is made bold) on the Monday. He visits the bank where he have his a/c to withdraw Rs. 10000 from his a/c so he can manage the ceremony expenses.

We see that the cashier is having a bad habit of chewing Paan and spitting from his desk and the way he treats the customers is definitely not the good one. He also doesn’t have any basic knowledge of the computer, but he always takes chance to flirt with the young lady staff member who is computer literate for calling her every time. The peon Pandey is having a habit that he doesn’t reply till the staff member call him Pandey-ji. Of course, he prefer that the young lady should call him Pandey not Pandey-ji!!!

The cashier calls Rina (the young lady) and ask her to check the balance is Musaddilal. It is just four hundred twenty rupees. Musaddilal get irritated by the mismanagement. He deposited Rs. 10000 in the bank before 15 days and he have the receipt of the same, so he must have enough balance in his account. The casher asks him to meet Mr. Patel who collected the money to deposit. Who is on leave on today. He asks Musaddilal to come next day. When Musaddilal say it is Sunday the next day the person asks him to come the next to next day, which is also a bank holiday. So finally cashier advices him to come on Tuesday. But Musaddilal cannot wait till then because his son’s Mundan ceremony is scheduled on Monday and invitations are already sent so it cannot be delayed.

Cashier then advises Musaddilal to meet Ushaji, who is very busy in knitting work. She gets irritated when interrupted by Musaddilal and finally after some conversation asks him to meet Mr. Patel. Again the same conversation happens that Patel is absent and hence she asks Musaddilal to come next day which is Sunday followed by Monday, a bank holiday and he cannot wait till Tuesday as Monday is the day when the ceremony is arranged. She finally asks him to Mr. Bhatiya, the manager of the Bank. Food-lover Mr. Bhatiya is more interested in the snacks which he is waiting for and when know that Monday is the day when Mundan ceremony for Musaddilal’s son is scheduled, he confirms to come there and advises him about good cooks he is known and so on. All this irrelevant things gets Mr. Musaddilal irritated who is desperate to get his money, and regardless of the importance of his problem Mr. Bhatiya keeps eating and talking irrelevant.

Finally Mr. Patel arrives and he argues Musaddilal that his name is Musaddilal Varma not Musaddilal Sharma!!! It is found known that by mistake Mr. Patel got the money deposited in Mr. Musaddilal Varma’s a/c which was non-operative since years. Mr. Varma however came the previous day and get his a/c closed by withdrawing all amount. Now we know that the bank’s mistake played a vital role and Musaddilal’s money is not available in his a/c!

Now how will Musaddilal get the problem resolved in time? Or will Musaddilal be able to get money before the time he need them to be used?

A realistic picturization of the typical bank environment and the mentality of the staff members of the same. Not all but a number of Bank employees have this behavior implanted within them. And a common-man get humiliated by the same in routine life, that is the fact.

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