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Office Office Hindi TV Serial On DVD Episode 1 Reviews and Details

Detailed information and reviews for the Episode 1 of Office Office Hindi TV Serial which is now available on DVD. This episode revolves around the Pension office and how a genuine common man gets humiliated there.

TV Serial : Office Office
Director : Rajiv Mehra
Manufacturer : Eagle Home Entertainment
Video Encoding : All Regions
Number of Discs : 16
Actors : Pankaj Kapoor, Asawari Joshi, Sanjay Mishra, Deven Bhojani, Hemant Pandey, Manoj Pahwa

A senior citizen named Musaddilal Sulekh, a retired school master, enters the pension office to inquire about why his pension was stopped since last three months. At the time an even elderly person get tired of waiting for his work done ultimately got asleep on the bench in the waiting lounge. A staff member was sleeping on his desk. A lady staff member was preparing Papads. The peon was busy hearing cricket commentary on radio. Overall, everyone was doing something for his/her own interest and no one was doing the office work. So naturally no one is interested in any visitor or any work, obviously.

He contacts the Ushaji, the lady busy with Papad stuff and explains his problem. She get irritated by the office work she supposed to do instead of her personal kitchen stuff! and asks Mr. Musaddilal to to wait for some time claiming that she is very busy! After the waiting period when Musaddilal approaches her back, her attitude wasn’t changed a bit and she finally directs him to the another table. Where the fellow named Mr. Bhatiya listens Musaddilal’s problem and asks him that he cannot avail his pension as he is dead. He then diverts the track to the food, which is Bhatiya’s only interest in the world. But ultimately, when Musaddilal insists his problem needs to get resolved. He asks then Mr. Bhatiya to get his file on the table. Of course, the file should be bring by the peon. And a peon in a government office cannot do anything without anything personal he gets, as the bribe (at least in a number of cases, considering this one).

Musaddilal pays the peon and he found that his file was used by Ushaji to land her Papads in sunlight as the base. Ultimately when the file comes to the table. Musaddilal founds that as he was not able to come to collect the pension for a few months due to his illness, and he have no one in his relation who can come instead, the office have declared him dead. And now as he is dead, according to the records, he cannot get pension. When he claimed that he is alive, the people in the office said, he might be mistaken, as per the office record he is dead means he is dead.

Bhatiya says him that as he is dead he cannot get his pension and Bhaitya is unable to do anything in the matter. When humiliated Musaddilal gets a little angry he is asked rudely to meet Mr. Patel. Mr. Patel was a student of Mr. Musaddilal in past in when he was teaching at Mahatma Gandhi school. He also claims that as per the records if Musaddilal is dead he also cannot help. And asks him to get any proof or evidence that he is alive. So people need to proofs and believe them only, not the real person the proofs represent!! What a humiliating and bitter but ultimate truth of the Govt. Office where people don’t like to work (of course there are exceptions too, but not in this case).

Finally, how the problem gets resolved? and When? is something better to watch on screen.

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