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Narashya (Actually it should spell – Nairashya – नैराश्य) is a sad story from Munshi Premchand. It is shameful for the society if such practices still going on. Though there is a remarkable change we see in the modern times and it gives us the reason to joy for sure; there are still backward areas (well where people with limited visions are living, we can call them backward areas right?) where such mindset is found.

We are talking about people’s lust for the boy-child.

TV Serial :
Producer : Sunil Batta, Drashti Films
Writer :
Director : Sunil Datta
Music : Uttam Chatterji
Editor/Camera : Mangal Sinh
Season : Season 1
Episode : Narashya (नैराश्य)
Purchase Links : Guldasta @ Amazon.com
Guldasta @ Amazon.in
Actors : Asha Singh, Alka Shukla, Asha Sharma, Ashok Ghosh, Madhumita, and others…

If you think as a social structure, as the girls marry and goes to the new house, the parents ultimately became alone. On the contrary, for boy, when he is wedded, his bride joins the family. And ultimately, in old days when parents are very weak physically, the boy and his wife and family will take care of him. From this angle it seems proper to wish for a boy to be there in the family. Also having a boy and and a girl as children, keep the gender balance in the society. But considering boy-child as the best, and girl-child as the worst; is very wrong mindset.

On a side note, who can give the guarantee that the boy will take care of his parents in old days?! There are so many old-age homes where we see men and his family drops their aged elders, and even do not care for their future! So it is ultimately wrong belief that a boy will be the best child to have. Of course there are exceptions and ideal situations where it works; but there are opposite situations as well.

The story is not for everyone. If you are looking for something to get your mind fresh, something light weight; don’t watch this episode. If you dare to take a realistic look to the society in as is manner; want to check some problems and find its solution, you can watch it.

The story belongs to Nirupama. She is a metaphor for any typical middle class woman who is married in a typical orthodox family who is desperately looking to a boy-child. For them, the boy child is a boon and girl child is nothing less than a curse.

Already having 3 daughters made Nirupama’s life very tough. Neither her husband nor her mother-in-law love her. Rather they hate her. They consider her cursed. According to them there were some wrongdoings by Nirupama in past (or may be in other life!) which made her to not to have a boy child! At almost every occasion she was taunted by her husband and mother-in-law.

And despite of treating her ill, they all like her to fulfill all her duties. So she is on her toes from early morning to late night.

To her luck, her brother and sister-in-law (wife of her brother) are genuine people. Her sister-in-law was very unhappy with the behavior of Nirupama’s in-laws. She hatch a plan for Nirupama so at least a few days of her life can pass in joy and happiness! What was the plan? Did it work? All the stuffs can be explored by watching the episode.

In the contrary to the first story (which was explored in two parts); this story have solid performances. Of course a couple of side actors and child actors under perform. But the main cast is excellent. The locations are really very authentic. The wardrobe is accurate. The dialogs are simple and powerful. The story is executed in better way than the previous one. The background music is also up-to-the mark. Of course it doesn’t have larger than the life or rich and pretty characters which attract the viewers. So as said earlier, it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

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