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Murder In The Mews | Agatha Christie’s Poirot | TV Serial | Season 1 | Episode 2 | Personal Reviews

The second episode of Agatha Christie’s Poirot (English TV Serial, which was aired in Briton), is titled as Murder in the Mews. It revolves around a murder which happened so mysteriously that at first glance it looks like a suicide.

TV Serial : Agatha Christie’s Poirot
Season : Season 1
Episode # : 2
Episode Title : Murder in the Mews
Originally Aired : 15 Jan 1989
Starring : David Suchet (Hercule Poirot), Hugh Fraser (Captain Arthur Hastings), Philip Jackson (Inspector James Japp), Pauline Moran (Miss Felicity Lemon),
Juliette Mole (Jane Plenderleith), James Faulkner (Major Eustace), David Yelland (Charles Laverton West), Gabrielle Blunt (Mrs Pierce), John Cording (Div. Inspector Jameson), Barrie Cookson (Dr Brett), Christopher Brown (Golfer), Bob Bryan (Barman), Beccy Wright (Maid), NicholDelve (Freddie), Ruskin Moya (Singer), and others…
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It was Guy Fawkes Night, the festival of fireworks, when Poirot, James and Haistings enjoyed the evening and departed to sleep. During their walk Heistings told Poirot and James that it is the perfect night for the murder! As one can shot someone and the sound could have been disguised in the same of the fireworks! Poirot and Japp though well pulled legs of Heisting by making some fun. The next morning was somewhat unexpected for them as it was the night when a lady killed herself! (Well, it seems so at first glance).

Aired on 15th January, 1989 this episode is good in terms of several technical aspects. The episode also explores the attributes of perfection in Hercule Poirot. For example see him feeling uncomfortable due to over-starched collars of his shirt. Also his gestures in complaining the same to Miss Lemon and how he compose himself by wiping his lips before picking the call of Japp! His characteristics are explored well. Over the progress of the serial we are exploring the characters better.

Several scenes will leave the impact even after to you complete watching the episode. Be it the introductory scene where there friends (Poirot, Japp and Heistings) were walling in the night; Or the scene where Poirot and Japp finished questioning (for the first segment) to Miss Plenderleith and they found Heistings was helping a garage boy. The expression of Poirot face (as he was disappointed), Heistings face and gestures (as he is a good man at heart, and yet used his wit to help the boy and collect the information he is needed) while Japp was talking to his assistants. Even the smaller details are pleasing, like we see how the police constables show their respect to Japp.

The affirmative reactions of Poirot when he found that Japp believes that it is a murder not suicide are good to watch. Also see Poirot arranging the stuff in very perfect manner while dictating a letter to laundry, Heistings reading a newspaper without paying attention to surroundings, Miss Lemon taking dictation, Poirot’s question to Heistings about his experience with the Chinese laundry and his reply for the same; it irks smile on your faces for sure.

It is found that a lady named Mrs Barbara Allen did shot herself around midnight the last night. She lived at Bardsley Garden, Mews. That is how the title of the story/episode = Murder In The Mews decided. She was sharing her flat with a lady named Jane Plenderleith, a professional photographer. The consequences are like this: Miss Plenderleith was out of country the previous night, when she came back she found Miss Allen’s room was locked from inside. She called the police and they discovered the dead body of Miss Allen.

The first glance of the crime scene make anyone to believe that it is a suicide. The lady has an automatic pistol in her left hand. Shot in the left left her face. But the finger prints seems clearly implanted on the gun. The murderer might have thought the police will not be that intelligent or do very detailed study of the crime scene! Might be this negligence towards the police’ efficiency made the murderer overconfident.

In the same room Poirot found some smell and noticed an expensive watch on the lady’s hand. They also found an accessory from man’s wardrobe there as well. The evidences say it is a suicide but intelligence say it is a murder represented as a suicide. What it actually was? Well, you have to watch the episode to know it, and you will not regret the time you spend for the same.

David Suchet is in the top form as Hercule Poirot. He studied the character of the Belgian detective Poirot by author Agatha Christie very well. He made the character alive. Hugh Fraser is believable as Captain Heistings by all means. Phillip Jackson is looking more convincing as Chief Inspector Japp than the previous episode. Pauline Moran prove with her performance that she is the right choice for the role of Miss Lemon.

David Yelland impresses as young politician. Juliette Mole is very convincing in several scenes but there are few occasions when she is found trying to act. The dramatization of the original story is really first rate. The script writing is tight and the dialogs are simple, witty and more importantly helps us to understand the attributes of the character delivering the same. The camera work captures the locales of the time pretty well. It not only takes care of the houses, roads, cars, wardrobe to represent the time mentioned in the original story very well, but also takes care of very small stuff as well. So a viewer with a vision to capture details from the scene is able to look at it more convincingly. The direction is simply superb.

The remastered DVDs came up with good sound and picture qualities, and you can expect the same quality at Amazon Prime as well. So seeing all the positive aspects, if murder mysteries and thrillers are your choice, than you may not like to miss this one.

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