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Before long ago William Sydney Porter who is better known by his pen name O’Henry wrote a short story named The Clarion Call. This story is adapted in Katha Sagar – TV Serial as name – Karz.

Karz - Katha Sagar

Karz – Katha Sagar

This emotional story is about the duty and its call. It shows a duel inside the mind of a police officer and his final decision. It is the story about Virendra Shrivastav, Raghunandan and Raghu’s wife.

TV Serial :
Katha Sagar
Episode :
Based On :
Short Story: The Clarion Call
Producers : Prem Kishen Malhotra, Sunil Mehta
Episode Director :
Kundan Shah
TV Adaptation and Dialogs :
# of Discs : 8
Actors : Deepak Quazir, Rajendra Gupta, Rama Vij, and others…
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We see that in the dark night a thief enters into home to steal valuables. He brought his revolver in his hand to keep situation under his control. While he was trying to find some jewellery and other valuables, the lady sleeping in the room got awoke. She started shouting however the thief have had his revolver so he was able to control her and force her to stop screaming. He then forced her to disclose the place where the valuables are stored in the house and hand them over to him.

But, the husband of the lady, Mr. Gupta also got awoke and started shouting and trying to stop the burglary in his home. The thief tried making him stop shouting by showing his revolver, but he was out of control. Furious thief made some fires from his revolver and the bullets from the same made Mr. Gupta silent. We later got to know that it was lethal for him and he got dead. The thief finished his work and went away with valuables from the same.

Raghunandan is the senior police official working on this case. He got his staff there at Mr. Gupta’s home and get the statements of the lady noted down. His sharp eyes then found a pen, a shining and valuable pen there. The pen had initials V S engraved on the same. It was a clue for him that could probably lead him to the thief who committed a murder as well.

When he was buried into the thoughts at his home, his wife asks him about the reason of worry. He explained about Mr. Gupta murder and burglary case. His wife informs him that there were news about the same in the newspaper and media is taking against police. It is now a kind of challenge for Raghu to solve the case. Raghu affirms her that he understood the situation very well. He also informs her about the clue which could be an evidence in the case, he found from Mr. Gupta’s home.

He also asks her wife if she remembers Virendra, Virendra Shrivastav. Her wife confirms that how can she forget Virendra. He was the one who helped this couple during their days of need. They are definitely (and will remain) indebted to Virendra for the help he did. Then she ask the reason all of a sudden he remembers Virendra. Raghu answers that the pen with initials V S engraved on the same made him to recall his best friend in need, Virendra. A similar pen he did present Virendra.

On very next day, when going somewhere Raghu meet Virendra accidentally. What a surprise? They then sit at place and had a long conversation. Virendra had to leave but Raghu forcefully brought him to his home. Raghu’s wife was also got very happy by seeing their genuine friend after long!

Is Virendra the thief and murderer of Mr. Gupta? Or it is mere co-incidence that a pen with similar initiative is found from Mr. Gupta’s home? And even if Virendra is the thief, will Raghu be able to get him into custody or rather buried under his debt, Raghu will have to let him go? That is the rest of the tale.

Rajendra Gupta plays Virendra, Dipak Quazir plays Raghu and Rama Vij his wife. All these three actors are seasoned actors. It is one of the early performance of Rajendra Gupta but we see the flair of acting in his performance. Some of the scenes when both Virendra and Raghu meets on the road, especially the way they walk look a little unconvincing. Rama Vij looks beautiful and acts well. Deepak shows emotions well but somehow unable to impress much as a police officer. The background music is quite good. There are no melodrama or larger than the life situations, but it makes the tale more convincing. The sets are authentic at many places. For example when Rama enters her bedroom after finishing her work in the kitchen, the stuff in her hand and the decoration of bedroom gives a perfect look of a middle class home. However when Raghu and Virendra are approaching Raghu’s home, the way, especially the steps, gives look of a garden rather than a place where a middle class family live.

The end of the tale is fantastic. The dual inside the mind of Raghu and the scene where Raghu and his wife are trying to get Virendra into conversation to buy some time, could have been better too.

But, the original tale and its Indian version both are watchable and likable. Our personal verdict is, one should not miss it.

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