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Kalakriti - Katha Sagar

Kalakriti – Katha Sagar

Episode #8 of Hindi TV Serial Katha Sagar is an Indian adaptation of the famous short story The Last Leaf by author O’Henry (real name: William Sydney Porter).

TV Serial :
Katha Sagar
Episode :
Based On :
Short Story: The Last Leaf
Producers : Prem Kishen Malhotra, Sunil Mehta
Episode Director :
Shyam Benegal
TV Adaptation and Dialogs :
# of Discs : 8
Actors : Supriya Pathak, Neena Gupta, Jayant Bhatt, Irshad hashmi, Abhi Bhattacharya , and others…
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The story belongs to two girls; Minal from Gujarat and Kiran from Punjab. Both are interested in being artists and both are good painters. In fact both of them hold Diploma in the field. They came to the city to fulfill their dreams like many others.

Destiny thought to link them together so they met in a restaurant. Here Minal asked Kiran if she found a place to live. Minal than told her that he found a room near Santa Cruz station but its rent is very high. They then came to a conclusion that if Kiran found the room appealing then they will stay there together on the sharing bases. Of course they have some differences; for example Minal is pure vegetarian and Kiran eat non-veg food. But they decide to overcome this differences by neglecting the same.

One day Minal was caught by deadly fever! Over the period of time she started loosing faith in her own life. Kiran stood by her like a rock. She took care of her. They found a very good doctor who was also a genuine fellow. But above all there was a neighbor – Rehman Chacha; who is a painter who is not active.

The story mainly belongs to the master-piece of Reahman Chacha.

The story portrays various aspects of human life. The bond of love is the strongest one, and friendship is a form of love. The relations between Kiran and Minal are explored really well. They do not sung together Yeh dosti hum nahin todenge! But they live nothing less than that. Unknown to each other they took care of each other more than real sisters. Same way the genuine feelings of Rehman Chacha, who is practically no-one for them. But Rehman Chacha is a man with the golden heart. His persona, dedication and mainly the humanity is explored really well in this episode.

And yes, we must give the credit to the author O’Henry for writing such a nice story, which is the base of this episode.

Both Neena Gupta and Supriya Pathak are fantastic actresses and they prove it. Their faces speak a lot. The actor playing Rehman Chacha is a little lower than them in terms of acting, but performs well of course. There are other actors but they do not have major part to play.

The dialogs are simple and powerful. The camera work is really nice. This episode again proves that if you have talent that with a few resources you can provide fantastic work. The episode is filmed in very small budget, but it is very convincing. The credit goes to screenplay and direction both. Ved Rahi worked well in his job to Indian-ize the content.

The DVD quality is also good. The remastered DVD is having good picture and sound quality. More importantly it provides something which represent human values and attributes. One shouldn’t miss such a nice work. The original story is portrayed really well by giving it Indian touch to make it more convincing for the target audience. We must say that Cinevistaas did a good job by making this TV Serial available on DVD and YouTube both. Of course they did that with their business vision, but that is fair.

Other good factor is, this episode provides something which you can watch with your family together. It is definitely worth the time and money you spend for the same.

Are you going to watch the episode? What you think about this original story, its Indian adaptation in Katha Sagar and its adaptation in Hindi film Lootera? Do share your thoughts via comments below. We love to hear from you. And yes, if you find this article worth a read, don’t forget to share on FaceBook, Twitter and other social networks.

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