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Kachchi Dhoop Episode 1 | Hindi TV Serial ON DVD | Views and Reviews

In the 80s one more inspirational tale was aired from Doordarshan named “Kachchi Dhoop”. It is a about middle class family, the events the family is encountered with and how it passes through those. Amol Palekar, a noted actor have directed this simple tale and it was praised a lot. Those who have missed it or anyway want to see it, it is available in the form of a DVD set now a days.

TV Serial : Kachchi Dhoop
Story ScreenPlay Dialogues : Chitra Palekar
Hindi Dialogs and Lyrics : Kamlesh Pande
Music : Vijay Singh
Cinematorgraphy : Debu Deodhar
Producer : Chitra Palekar
Director : Amol Palekar
Manufacturer : Rudraa
Running Time : 280 min
Video Encoding : NTSC
Number of Discs : 2
Language : Hindi
Subtitles : English
Genre : Drama
Year Of Telecast : 1987
Actors : Bhagyashree Patwardhan, Ashutosh Gowarikar, Shalmalee Palekar, Purnima Patwardhan, Prashant Bhatt, Amol Palekar, Pratiksha Jhaveri, Vishal Ranjane

It starts with the incident when the Diwali celebration was about to arrive and people are quite busy in the preparation for the same. Diwali as a festival has its own charm. Diwali or Deepawali is the festival of light which comes on the darkest night of the month. The series of Diyas (lamps) used to keep away the darkness. A message that the inner light or even a spark is capable to overcome the darkness. The source of inspiration is like a spark or ray of light, which lead one to overcome the hurdle and achieve the success in the area, deserved.
Usually the celebration of this festival lasts for five days. Starting from the DhanTeras – the day to worship the wealth goddess to the BhaiDuj, a day to celebrate the pious and precious relationship of a brother and his sister. Diwali comes at the middle of this five days period followed by the new year day according to Hindu calendar. The festival of Diwali is so precious that the families of layman, who used to purchase new clothes once a year, chose this occasion. People renovates their homes, get them clean and rearranged. Purchases sweets and shares the joy with others. It is also the time when the firecrackers are in demand. The kids and even the elders are used to have fire crackers and the upto the mid night they keep lighting and blasting them. Again the from the next early morning the sounds of fire crackers filled in the surrounding along with its ray of lights keeps pushing the darkness away. This is probably to welcome the next day, next year and welcoming the future which tied up with the hope within.

There is a middle class family living in India having the three sister and their mother. They are wandering though the market during the period and by seeing people and especially kids and teens of their age purchasing new cloths, books, sweets, fire crackers and other stuff; makes themselves happy. The girls then discusses their dream purchases for the occasion; which is of course possible only if they have the enough money to buy the same; which incidentally they do not have. But, there is no ban or tax on the dreams so they could dream the stuff about, of course.

The eldest girl was thinking to purchase a new dress. The middle one wants to have books or even pen. The youngest one wants to have a VCR (a Video Cosette Recorder, importantly a video cassette player) at least a Television. The innocent talks they have is eye opener. Like the smallest girl tells that, they will make sure to keep the doors of their home open when they sleep in the Diwali night, so the wealth Goddess find no hurdles coming their home, what a punch!

In their neighborhood there is a father-son duo living. The father the retd. Rear Admiral V.C.C.R. Sharkar RamKrishnan of India is a very decipline person and lives in his own world, by binding the time to the ages he lived in during his youth. He already brought a lot of Video Games and fire crackers to his son, of course. His son was keep to light those crackers in the street, with other kids. The father was not happy with his decision. Their ideas are clashing. When the father left for the party the son goes to the street and lights the crackers there. The sisters were having a routine fight with each other is stopped with the sound of the crackers and middle one enjoyed the fire crackers lot. The sisters then decide to give their mother a gift. A small thing they can do to make her happy. She was doing a lot of hard work only for her daughters, they knew it. They brings all money they have and plans to purchase something which could make their mother happy.

Will they be able to find and purchase a suitable gift for their mother, with the savings of around 32-35 Rs. in total? What if the idea of the item to present as a gift are different for all them? What they will do? They remembers that the last time, when their father brought gifts for all them and a Sari for their mother, where is their father now?
It is tough to find a TV serial which explores the lives of a middle class family with simplicity on Television these days. Without being over dramatic, this tale explores the area very genuinely and nicely. The actors know their job and puts their efforts give the best. Bhagyashree Patwardhan excels, she later on became the part of one of the most loved films of India, Maine Pyar Kiya, as the leading actress Bhagyashree. Another notable actor is Ashutosh Gowarikar, who also appeared in the movie Naam and later turned as a director. His film Lagaan made an entry to The Oscars. He had given several other movies like Baazi, Swadesh, Jodha Akbar, What’s Your Rashee and Khele Hum Jee Jaan Se.

You may complain the DVD quality and the technology used that time may look little old fashioned in current times. But, when good content is there, actually you should overlook them. Enjoy watching this quality TV Serial on DVD.

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