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Reviews for Upsanhaar Episode Of Hindi TV Serial Byomkesh Bakshi

Episode #10 of Hindi TV Serial Byomkesh Bakshi have it’s root in first case of Byomkesh – Satyanveshi.

The (fictional) incidents of this episode are setup in a town called Calcutta (now Kolkata) and happened during the year 1945.

TV Serial : Byomkesh Bakshi
Season : Season 1
Episode # : 10
Episode Title : Agnivaan
Originally Aired : 1993
Director : Basu Chatterji
Asst. Director : Ravindra Singh
Asst. Cameraman : H N Singh
Music : Anand Shankar
Asst. Music Director : Nanda Kumar Das
Sound : Arun Chakraborty
Make Up : Mahendra Chonkar
Dress : Pyare Lal
Art Director : Jadab Bhattacharya
Publicity Designer : Studio Link
Editor : Sanjay Malhotra
Photography : Ajay Prabhakar
Make Up : Mahendra Chonkar
Screenplay : , Basu Chatterji, Mriganka Shekhar Rai
Story :
Production House : Basu Chatterji Production for
Starring : Rajit Kapoor (Byomkesh Bakshi), K K Raina (Ajit Kumr Banerji), Sukanya Kulkarni, Kartik Dutta (Punti Ram), Manasvi Singh (Inspector Biren), Sukanya Kulkarni (Satyavati), Suresh Bhagwat (Byomkesh Bose / Anukul Babu), Robin Gupta (Hotel Manager), Puran Singh (Taxi driver Sardarji), Vicky (Postman), and others…

Life is all about connecting dots right? The incidents explored in this Byomkesh Bakshi tale proves so.

Byomkesh have just entered his home and while talking to Ajit he found that his match box was exchanged with other. The he recalls all the incidents he had gone through recently and suspect that a fellow who asked for the matchbox to light his cigarette in the tram, could have done it.

Ajit informs Byomkesh that Inspector Biren wanted to meet him and will be arriving soon. Byomkesh then confirms Ajit that he know the bad news Inspector is about to bring. The match box of professor Deb Kumar (whom we met during the case of Agnivaan) is stolen from police custody!

How Byomkesh knows this so secret information? Well, he is just presented with one deadly matchstick in the matchbox he received as an exchange in train.

Then comes a postman asking for Byomkesh to confirm whether a specific letter belongs to him. Byomkesh here got to know that there is a person named Byomkesh Bose living on the ground floor of the same mess he is living. Now both Byomkesh need to decide to whom the letter belongs right? And thus, Byomkesh Bakshi and Ajit reads the letter which eventually seems not written for Satyanveshi Byomkesh.

So to whom the letter belongs? What is the significance of it to the current case? Where the roots of the case belongs to Byomkesh’ past? All these questions are answered in the rest of the episode.

Episode Video : Uploaded by Doordashan

Views and reviews:

The episode is full of realistic stuff (apart from some scientific inventions like Arrow of fire, or the murder plot). The story itself is fool-proof and fast paced. So does the execution of the content. Director and screenplay writer does their jobs brilliantly. Actually, all the scenes are quality ones. But here we list some them to watch with more attention.

See how Puntiram is trying play smart when going to open the door and how Byomkesh asks him to behave normally. Same way, the conversation between Byomkesh Bose and Ajit is brilliantly executed scene. How Ajit plays with Byomkesh (Bose) is nice to watch. Also see Ajit’s body language when he watch the things at hospital. Also the conversation between Satya and Byomkesh is worth watching. The conversation between both Byomkesh is nicely executed scene.

The important letter (received by Byomkesh) – in terms of content and narration is quite impressive.

Rajit Kapoor and K K Raina are the heart and soul of the episode. They are so natural and convincing that you cannot think of anyone else for the roles of Byomkesh and Ajit. Sukanya and Manasvi (in roles of Satya and Inspector respectively) are good in their small roles. Suresh Bhagwat is convincing.

The background music is up to the mark. The locales are chosen wisely and they adds to the authenticity of the content. Ditto for wardrobe.


Overall a nicely prepared, simple in execution, brilliant in acting and superb in terms of direction; episode. Definitely worth watching.

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Also, fasten your seat belts for the ride of another case of Byomkesh where he and Ajit are trying to solve a mystery where a thief steals group photos from homes of a specific colony.

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