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Reviews for Tasveer Chor Episode Of Hindi TV Serial Byomkesh Bakshi

Episode #11 of Hindi TV Serial Byomkesh Bakshi have it’s root in first case of Byomkesh – Satyanveshi.

The (fictional) incidents of this episode are setup somewhere in north Bihar during year 1951

TV Serial : Byomkesh Bakshi
Season : Season 1
Episode # : 11
Episode Title : Tasveer Chor
Originally Aired : 1993
Director : Basu Chatterji
Asst. Director : Ravindra Singh
Asst. Cameraman : H N Singh
Music : Anand Shankar
Asst. Music Director : Nanda Kumar Das
Sound : Arun Chakraborty
Make Up : Mahendra Chonkar
Dress : Pyare Lal
Art Director : Jadab Bhattacharya
Publicity Designer : Studio Link
Editor : Sanjay Malhotra
Photography : Ajay Prabhakar
Make Up : Mahendra Chonkar
Screenplay : , Basu Chatterji, Mriganka Shekhar Rai
Story :
Production House : Basu Chatterji Production for
Starring : Rajit Kapoor (Byomkesh Bakshi), K K Raina (Ajit Kumr Banerji), Sukanya Kulkarni, Rajendra Gupta (Chaudhury), Virendra Saxena (Dr. Ghatak), Ravi Jhakal (Amar Raha), Raj Kamal (Prof. Shome), Prem Bedi (DSP Pande), Prashant Jaiswal (Falguni Pal), Avinash Masurekar (Ushanath Ghosh), Kanhaiya Nathani (Nakul Sarkar), Sadiya Siddiqui (Rajni), Reshma Gopal (Malti), Alam (Mrs. Ghosh), Rahul Vaishnav (Master Ghosh), and others…

Byomkesh is now aged a little. He was advised to take some rest in healthy environment and hence visits a little remote place in North Bihar. He is accompanied by Ajit and Satyavati. His host is Mr. Chaudhury, a comparatively wealthy landlord. They are living in a small colony of their own.

Byomkesh is introduced to many people at the place and almost everyone used to knew him because of his fame.

While DSP Pande, the police in charge of the area was quite disappointedly tell Byomkesh that he have such a great detective at his disposal (Byomkesh), but he haven’t any tough case (of Byomkesh’ calibre) to present to him. Byomkesh was however happy for that, at he came here to get relaxed and take some rest from routine life.

Chaudhury ji however asks Byomkesh about a theft happened last night at his home where the thief, by leaving all the valuables, just took a group photograph with him/her! Now it is a strange case, as there are many other things he/she could have been taken, if burglary was his intention. Chaudhuri however lets Byomkesh to decide whether the incident was of significant importance or not.

Upon enquiry Byomkesh found that the stolen photograph was a group photo taken at a picnic and there were 3 copies of them. Byomkesh asks Chaudhury to enquire if rest of the copies of the photo are still available. However they got to know that none of the copies are confirmed to be available. When asked, the photographer reveals that the negative of the photograph is also misplaced somewhere! Actually he went to Calcutta (now Kolkata) for some days, and since he is back, he found it missing!

There enters Falguni Pal, a talented artist. He came to present Mr. Chaudhury, a hand drawn portrait of him (Mr. Chaudhury). Upon asked by DSP, Falguni confirms that as he had seen Chaudhury ji many times, from his own memory only, he was able to draw the portrait. Everyone was impressed with the talent of Falguni Pal. Mr. Chaudhury even gave him some cash for such a nice portrait.

In a series of incidents this point forward, mysterious things started happening in the colony. One more house got burgled and it is confirmed that no more copies of the group photograph is available by any means now. Also Falguni Pal is found dead!

Are these incidents related to each other? Who is the culprit?

These questions are better to explore while watching the episode, rather thank talking much about.

Episode Video : Uploaded by Doordashan

Views and reviews:

The first scene of the episode shows the theft being happened and the photograph being disposed. It is effectively filmed. There are no dialogs, and despite of having comparatively silent music the scene is remarkable.

Rajendra Gupta is another performer to watch for in this episode. The way he welcomes Byomkesh, Ajit and Satya; and the way he introduces everyone to him, is quite realistic. In addition to his dialog delivery, his body language also works in sync with the scenes, making him look like the character himself.

Virendra Saxena is good, but he have a limitation when delivering dialogs. Also, he is not very convincing as a lover.

Rajit Kapoor and K K Raina are scene stealers of course. They way they walk, talk and behave, you will not be able to recognise that they are acting. They simply don the characters pretty much effectively. Sukanya Kulkarni got limited scope, but she is able to make her presence felt for sure.

Though there are many scenes in the episode we can talk about, however it will reveal the suspense, so we cannot talk about them. However in addition to the introduction scene, another scene which you may like to watch is the tea-table discussion between Byomkesh, Ajit and Satya. Though it is a small scene but they way Byomkesh runs his theories, and Ajit takes part in the conversation is a delight to watch. Also the expressions of Satya are complimentary. You can see that as it is end of the day and hence everyone are little tired and ready to retire for the bed while talking; and yet they all are fully attentive to the conversation. Also the mutual respect for each other is evident in the scene.

Only talented makers like Basu Chatterji could have executed such scenes effective with the help of some fantastic actors.

The background music is complimentary to the incidents explores. It makes scene effective for sure.

The dialogs are small, implanted with day-to-day conversation phrases, and delivered nicely. The wardrobe is simple and realistic. The locations where the episode is filmed, are remarkable.

Overall, if you can avoid some poor acting, overall the episode is enjoyable.


If you have good talents at your disposal, and you have good content, which you know how to deliver nicely; you can make a fantastic TV Serial or movie or any other creative media; the episode proves the fact. It is simple in filming and effective is execution. You will surely enjoy it.

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Also, fasten your seat belts for the ride of another case of Byomkesh where he and Ajit are trying to solve a mystery about an abandoned (well, not quite abandoned) fortress. The episode is titled as – Kile Ka Rahasya. We will talk about that in our next article in the series.

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