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Fauji | Episode 3 Reviews | Hindi TV Serial On DVD

Episode 3 of Hindi TV Serial – Fauji – is titled as “Zameeni Nishan” i.e. “ground target”. This episode is aimed to show how the commandos are prepared to land anywhere via parachutes and completes their mission.

TV Serial :
Producer : Colonel Raj Kapoor
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Writer :
Director : Colonel Raj Kapoor
Editor : Milin Kapoor
Starring : Rakesh Sharma, Aamina S. Kapoor, Shahrukh Khan, Manjula Avatar, Vikram Chopra, Gautam Bhradwaj, Vishwajeet Pradhan, A. Kannan, Sonal Dabral, Nikhil Dewan, Ranbir Singh, Sanjay Mittal, Narendra Ardhawa, Kamati Anwar, Ajay Gehan, Sanjay Taneja, Anupama Sahni, and others…

Col. Kapoor being himself an army officer knows the factual details about Indian army’s various types of training programs and actual missions, more than others. He himself also acted in various episode of this TV serial which is his brainchild.

In this episode we see the commandos getting trained to jump from the aircraft via parachutes, and other stuff. It prepares them to take control of the situations during their real mission. Of course the physical strength is very important for the commando but the mental strength plays even major role during his career. Using their logic to get the best output from the resources they have, not giving up in tough situations, not lose hope in any situation and having faith in themselves to accomplish the task which seems almost impossible are the basic qualities of commandos. Commando training proves tougher even for army soldiers who are already trained very hard. This fact gives us the idea that how tough actually the training of a commando is!

And, as most of the incidents (especially training and mission) are inspired from the facts. This episode also tries to show the lighter side of a commando’s life. They are also human beings like us and they also loves entertainment. How they use movie dialogs and songs to get themselves relaxed during their tough training session is shown in this episode. Sometimes due to poor acting it doesn’t look very appealing though.

The first encounter of Abhimanyu Rai (aka Abhi) and Madhu is nothing less than a filmy scene.

This episode also try providing some laughter via – Abhi’s visit to the hospital – scene. Some humors are look planted and not convincing at all. As we now a days are seeing some very good performances in a lot of movies and TV serials, we cannot digest the forced laughter.

And yes Abhi and Madhu’s meeting at hospital is also not less a scene from a typical film.

The army training session gives us the idea that how commandos are prepared to use the land at their best. The session is to teach the art of camouflage and concealment. Especially camouflage is a new word for those who doesn’t know the armed forces vocabulary very well. Consider an example of various species which can change their appearance in order to get mixed with the background – to understand it. This will also give you the idea about why commandos wear certain type of cloths when in certain mission.

This stuff is better to watch and know about.

The other thing explored from the commando training session is indication of landmarks. Though this training went wrong for Abhi and their mates as Abhi’s elder brother Vikram overhears their conversation and realized that they were not seriously practicing the task. It leads a punishment to them where they have to practice “indication of landmarks” at the time of the dance party!

Now this is very tough for Abhi to do! Why? Well you need to watch the episode to know that what program he already have scheduled at the dance party and why it is necessary for him to attend the party! The episode also shows how brotherly the army cadets are with each other, and how they provide emotional support to even relatives of each other.

This human side of the army cadets, officers, commandos are rarely explored so it is good to see it on the screen. The video quality is also quite good. And of course the technical aspects have limitations based on the technology available those days. If to talk about acting, a very few actors does it very convincingly in this episode. And yes there are more love stories explored in this episode so its quite like a typical Hindi movie.

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