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Episode 2 of Nukkad Hindi TV Serial | Views And Reviews

Episode #2 of Hindi TV Serial Nukkad explores a lot of love stories! Yes, you read it right. If you look at conventional way you will find only Hari’s love with Madhu is explored in the episode. But if you watch it with open mind, you will see, Raja’s love for himself; Raghu’s respectful love for teacherji, Radha’s love for Raghu, everyone’s love for Masterji and many more.

TV Serial : Nukkad
Conceived And Developed By : Aziz Mirza
Actors : Suresh Chatwal (Dukhiya), Dilip Dhawan (Guru), Avtar Gill (Kadar Bhai), Sameer Khakhar (Khopdi), Haidar Ali (Raja), Javed Khan (Karim Hajaam), Pavan Malhotra (Hari), Sangeeta Naik (Radha), Rama Vij (Teacherji), Ajay Wadhavkar (Ganpat Hawaldar), Suresh Bhagwat (Ghansu Bhikhari), Kumud Tripathi, Kishore Bhatt, Geeta Khanna, Savita Bajaj, and others

It is really nice that Shemaroo decided to bring Nukkad TV serial in the market as a set of DVD. As now a days, the traditional serials are being wiped out of the TV Screen; having one such to experience the real life the common man lives; is a fantastic stuff to have. The human emotions are explored so well that one must watch the TV serial. In fact the DVD quality is good as well. The remastered sound is very clear and effective. It is the video quality which you may find a little disappointing when compare with HD videos; otherwise it is also good.

The people living/doing their business at (or near) the Nukkad are all genuine fellows (mostly) at heart. They may not have much money but they have the golden heart. The live in their Masti and mood. They even refuse to work when they do not feel comfortable. If to take this thing seriously, it is a great liberty that majority of people dieing for (even the wealthy fellows). Though when they found a need, they do very hard work for even others, without thinking for their own benefit. They are the real human beings. Who doesn’t need to wear a mask of so-called social animal, but they live as the social animal by heart!

Be it Inayat Akhtar’s writing, Renu Saluja’s editing, Saeed Akhtar Mirza’s direction or even Virender Saini’s cinematography; everything is first rate. Rama Vij have a very small appearance in this episode. Pavan, Dilip, Haider Ali, Avatar Gill all performed first rate. Sangita plays convincingly and is over the top. The person playing the bandmaster is a nice actor (see his body language), and so do the person who came to call him to play in his band. This episode is filmed with limited budget and strictly on the sets. Even the technology used during the filming had limitations. Apart from the sets, the wardrobe is also up to the mark. It matters a lot because we often see that servants also wear fully-ironed brand new cloths in some TV Serials.

Some of the scenes will remain your memory forever which includes the following:

  • The entire Nukkad gang is trying to get Masterji ready with full uniform, when someone came to call him to give work.
  • The people trying to look modest and composed in presence of teacherji.
  • Raja trying to show the modesty of paying to the barber (and we know, even the barber know – he is not going to pay
  • Masterji is selling his trumpet to a vender.
  • The Nukad gang try tempting masterji to play trumpet.
  • The very last scene of the episode.

So the real love story explored in the episode. is master’s love for his trumpet; it is not just ordinary love, but it is an obsession, or the love of life! And yes, all the people living at the Nukkad love and respect Masterji by heart.

It is simple yet powerful episode which focus on the moral values of not to lose hope in life, overcome the situations, be supportive to each other and respect the elders. An episode not to be missed. It is worth the money and time spent for the same.

Are you going to watch this episode? What do you think about this TV Serial? Do share your thoughts via comments below, we love to hear from you.

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