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Episode 1 | House Of Cards | US TV Serial On DVD | Introductory Reviews

The first scene of the first episode of US TV Serial House Of Cards sets the environment properly and the viewer know what to expect ahead. Here is the famous dialog from that scene.

Its ok!!! There are two kinds of pain. The sort of pain that makes you strong. Or useless pain. The sort of pain that’s only suffering. I have no patience for useless things. Moments like this require someone who will act. To do the unpleasant thing. The necessary thing… There, no more pain.

-Francis J. “Frank” Underwood
There are two kinds of pain, dialog, video

It is said that the politics is a brutal world. There is no permanent friend or foe (in Politics). Whoever is advantages at a specific point is a friend and whoever is a hurdle is the path is a foe. To be at the top here, you need to be focused on your goal only. And you have to move ahead in the forward direction only, no matter at what sacrifice.

Well, this is what you should expect in any political thriller or saga, and House Of Cards, is no exception.

TV Serial : House Of Cards
Created by :
# of Seasons : 3
# of Episodes : 39
Genre : Political, Drama,
Music by : Jeff Beal
Starring : Kevin Spacey (Francis J. “Frank” Underwood), Robin Wright (Claire Underwood), Michael Kelly (Douglas “Doug” Stampers), Kate Mara (Zoe Barness), Corey Stoll (US Representative Peter Russos), Michel Gill (Garrett Walkers), Mahershala Ali (Remy Dantons), Gerald McRaney (Raymond Tusks), Nathan Darrow (Edward Meechums), Molly Parker (Jacqueline Sharps), Sakina Jaffrey (Linda Vasquezs), Joanna Going (Patricia Walkers), Sebastian Arcelus (Lucas Goodwins), Rachel Brosnahan (Rachel Posners), Reg E. Cathey (Freddy Hayess), Kristen Connolly (Christina Gallaghers), Constance Zimmer (Janine Skorskys), Jayne Atkinson (Catherine Durants), Gil Birmingham (Daniel Lanagins), Derek Cecil (Seth Graysons), Kathleen Chalfant (Margaret Tildens), Terry Chen (Xander Fengs), Curtiss Cook (Terry Womacks), Ben Daniels (Adam Galloways), Jeremy Holm (Agent Nathan Greens), Sandrine Holt (Gillian Coles), Kevin Kilner (Michael Kerns), Mozhan Marn√≤ (Ayla Sayyads), Benito Martinez (Hector Mendozas), Boris McGiver (Tom Hammerschmidts), Lance E. Nichols (Gene Clancys), Elizabeth Norment (Nancy Kaufbergers), Samuel Page (Connor Elliss), Larry Pine (Speaker of the House Bob Birchs), Al Sapienza (Marty Spinellas), Kate Lyn Sheil (Lisa Williamss), Jimmi Simpson (Gavin Orsays), Libby Woodbridge (Megan Hennesseys), Dan Ziskie (Jim Matthews), Reed Birney (Donald Blythe), and others…
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The first episode of the series introduces us to main characters. Rather than taking time, it comes to the main theme immediately, which works in favor of it. The background music of the title track is fantastic and mood setter for sure.

The monologue where Frank introduces us to the ongoing stuff – the election results are out and new president of United States is elected, and… blah blah blah – is a delight to watch. In addition to start the saga and introducing the political environment, he also spills bean about his own political ambitions as well.

Frank was the key person behind the election campaigns and all. He was the one who made it possible for the party to get majority. He serve as a House Majority Whip. We can say he ensured the election of Garrett Walker as the president. He in turn, was promised to be appointed as a Secretary of State.

But it is the world of politics, and promises are not always kept here. Based on the situations the politicians decide to follow the way the wind blows.

He was sidelined and Senator Michael Kern was nominated for the post. Linda Vasquez – the chief of staff broke this news to him. Which make him feel very disappointed, of course. This scene is definitely a delight to watch. Kevin is believable as Frank, as he shows himself disappointed, as have full control over himself.

We are not nominating you as the secretary of the state. I know he (president) promised you, but the circumstances are changed.
-Linda Vasquez
The nature of promises Linda is that they remain immune to changing circumstances
-Frank Underwood

Don’t miss this conversation…

Parellel, we are introduced to the world of reporters as well, especially those, who track and publish the politcal stuffs. A young and ambitious girl Zoe is not happy with the work she had given, as we sense that she is keen to do something important. Will she be part of any major political activity or rather political game? Will she got the importance she is looking for? Not much to wait, you will get the answer at the end of this episode itself.

We are introduced to Claire Underwood, the wife of Frank. We see her doing some office work. We are introduced to her real character and nature when she knows about how her husband is sidelined in the political arena. She tries to get answer from him and pushing him towards getting what is his right. Her best dialog in the episode comes at the end of this discussion.

My husband doesn’t apologize, even to me.

-Claire Underwood

Well, then, the sworn-in ceremony is shown and people are showing positive vibes about each other in the ceremony and the party after. A wonderful statement of wisdom comes here…

A person’s character isn’t determined by how he or she enjoys victory but rather how he or she endures defeat.

-A priest

Then there are many incidents explored in the episode. Of course, we are not going to discuss them all, to keep your enjoyment intact, while you watch it. But, we can give you a hint about what to expect (though it is a spoiler), by referring this dialog of Frank.

We’re in the same boat now, Zoe. Take care not to tip it over. I can only save one of us from drowning.

-Francis J. “Frank” Underwood
What to go for?

Fantastic story and script written based on the same. It is always the most primary requirement for any media.

The makers did their best by choosing the right actors for the right roles. Of course, the TV Serial helped Kevin revive his career through Television, but we must say, he has given his 100%. He is so convincing as Frank, the protagonist, that you cannot expect someone else playing it. He shows the emotion proper. He looks mature, cunning, calm, composed, angry, loving; when it is required.

Robin Wright is fantastic in her role too. Though she have not much to do in this introductory episode. She leaves the impact. It would be wrong to miss any of the cast member’s name, in terms of performance. Be it the political world, or the reporting world, they are explored to nice actors. All of them did their work pretty nicely.

And they all are given fantastic dialogs. Sometimes they are offensive, and have abusive words too. Some of the nice dialogs we have already referred earlier, so not repeating those (and not mentioning others, to avoid spoilers :)).

The DVD quality is good. If you have home theatre or a regular Television, you will definitely love watching it. The sound and picture both are satisfactory.

Final Verdict:

You may find the DVD Set quite pricey. But, we suggest you to watch out for deals on various shopping sites, and purchase it when they are offered at good discounts. If political drama is your cup of tea, then you will enjoy it thoroughly for sure.

Did you watch this TV Series? Are you curious to watch it? Have your say via comments below then. We will love to hear your remarks as always. Also do not forget to share this article with your friends over various social networks via Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and others. And yes, you may like to subscribe to our RSS feeds and follow us on various Social networks to get latest updates for the site to land right in your mail box.

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