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Introduction to Castle – An American Crime Drama TV Series

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Famous crime thriller / Comedy Drama / Police Procedural TV Serial – Castle is available on DVD set and is available on famous video streaming websites also. We have found it available to watch for free if you are a Jio member (in India).

Castle was in our radar as a “TV Serial to Explore” since long.

Castle - US TV Series

Castle – US TV Series

Richard Castle (aka Rick Castle) is a famous (fictional) crime thriller writer. He have created a fictional character Derrick Storm who is the protagonist in his books.

The character of Storm and his adventures are loved by the readers so much. Richard was getting a handsome amount of money for writing more and more Derrick Storm adventures. In fact the publisher is his divorced second wife, who like the multi million dollar business generated through Castle’s books.

By the way, here are some Derrick Storm EBook Shorts we have reviewed:

Castle lives with his mother (who is quite romantic and happy go lucky and a little immature for her age) and daughter (who is quite mature and sometimes takes care of Castle like his mother).

So life is all set for him right?

Well, when you see there is no problem, a problem is awaiting to introduce itself!

Richard Castle got bored with his work and he found that there is no novely coming in his work these days. In fact the things in Strom adventures are almost predictable for him it is giving him no thrills to explore the series anymore. So in his last book, he gets Storm killed!

The things didn’t go well with his publisher mainly. She is very keen that Richard should keep writing more and more Storm adventures. Richard’s mother have started (possibly) rumors that he is passing through “writer’s block”. At the heart (as he confesses to his daughter) he needs some inspiration so the things get interesting in terms of his work.

TV Serial : Castle
Genre : Comedy drama,Crime drama, Comedy, police procedural
Created by : Andrew W. Marlowe
Executive producer(s) : Andrew W. Marlowe, Rob Bowman, Armyan Bernstein, Laurie Zaks, Barry Schindel, René Echevarria, David Amann, David Grae, Rob Hanning, Terri Edda Miller, Terence Paul Winter, Alexi Hawley
# of Seasons : 8
# of Episodes : 173
Production companies : ABC Studios, Beacon Pictures, Experimental Pictures, The Barry Schindel Company, Milmar Pictures
Distributor : Disney–ABC Domestic Television
Starring : Main Cast:
Nathan Fillion as (Richard Castle), Stana Katic as (Katherine “Kate” Beckett), Jon Huertas as (Detective Javier “Javi” Esposito), Seamus Dever as (Detective Kevin Ryan), Tamala Jones as (Dr. Lanie Parish), Ruben Santiago-Hudson as (Captain Roy Montgomery), Molly Quinn as (Alexis Castle), Susan Sullivan as (Martha Rodgers), Penny Johnson Jerald as (Captain Victoria Gates), Toks Olagundoye as (Hayley Shipton)
Maya Stojan as (Tory Ellis), Arye Gross as (Dr. Sidney Perlmutter), Juliana Dever as (Jenny Ryan – née O’Malley), Michael Trucco as (Detective Tom Demming), Monet Mazur as (Gina Cowell), Victor Webster as (Dr. Josh Davidson), Ken Baumann as (Ashley), Scott Paulin as (Jim Beckett), Jonathan Adams as (Vulcan Simmon), Bailey Chase as (Will Sorenson), Michael Dorn as (Dr. Carter Burke), Geoff Pierson as (Mr. Smith), Darby Stanchfield as (Meredith), Michael Mosley as (Jerry Tyson/the Triple Killer – 3XK), Jack Coleman as (William Bracken), Phil LaMarr as (Dr. Holloway), Myko Olivier as (Pi, Alexis’s boyfriend), Lisa Edelstein as (Agent Rachel McCord), Annie Wersching as (Dr Kelly Niema), Matt Letscher as (Henry Jenkins ), Sunkrish Bala as (Vikram Singh), Kristoffer Polaha as (Caleb Brown), and others…
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Richard’s life took an interesting run again when a murder took place in Manhattan in exactly same manner he is explored it in a book named “Flowers For Your Grave”!

Then there is another murder scene mirroring one mentioned in his other book “Hell Hath No Fury”!

There comes detective Beckett who is a no-nonsense cop having her own past. Eventually Beckett and Castle teams up to solve the case. Based on the outcome of the case and Richard’s request, Richard was allowed to be companion of Beckett in other cases coming her way!

This union makes Richard invent a new fictional character named Nikki Heat!

How the thing move ahead is explored in the TV Series in interesting manner. The series run for 8 seasons and eventually Castle and Beckett gets married too.

Here is the season wise episode list.

Season 1: Episodes

First season of Castle was just 10 episode long.

Title Director Written By Release Date
Flowers for Your Grave Rob Bowman March 9, 2009
Nanny McDead John Terlesky March 16, 2009
Hedge Fund Homeboys Rob Bowman March 23, 2009
Hell Hath No Fury Rob Bowman March 30, 2009
A Chill Goes Through Her Veins Bryan Spicer April 6, 2009
Always Buy Retail Jamie Babbit & April 13, 2009
Home is Where the Heart Stops Dean White April 20, 2009
Ghosts Bryan Spicer April 27, 2009
Little Girl Lost John Terlesky May 4, 2009
A Death in the Family Bryan Spicer Story by : &
Teleplay by :
May 11, 2009

The reviews for the season were mixed to positive, which motivated the makers to come up with longer Season 2.

Season 2: Episodes

Spread in 24 episodes Season 2 was originally aired betwen September 21, 2009 to May 17, 2010.

Title Director Written By Release Date
Deep in Death Rob Bowman September 21, 2009
The Double Down Rob Bowman September 28, 2009
Inventing the Girl Dwight Little October 5, 2009
Fool Me Once… Bryan Spicer October 12, 2009
When the Bough Breaks John Terlesky October 19, 2009
Vampire Weekend Karen Gaviola October 26, 2009
Famous Last Words Rob Bowman November 2, 2009
Kill the Messenger Jonathan Frakes November 9, 2009
Love Me Dead Bryan Spicer November 16, 2009
One Man’s Treasure Helen Shaver November 23, 2009
The Fifth Bullet John Terlesky December 7, 2009
A Rose for Everafter Bryan Spicer Story by :
Teleplay by : &
January 11, 2010
Sucker Punch Tom Wright January 18, 2010
The Third Man Rosemary Rodriguez January 25, 2010
Suicide Squeeze David Barrett February 8, 2010
The Mistress Always Spanks Twice Tom Wright March 8, 2010
Tick, Tick, Tick… Bryan Spicer March 22, 2010
Boom! John Terlesky March 29, 2010
Wrapped Up in Death Bill Roe April 5, 2010
The Late Shaft Bryan Spicer April 12, 2010
Den of Thieves John Terlesky April 19, 2010
Food to Die For Ron Underwood May 3, 2010
Overkill John Terlesky May 10, 2010
A Deadly Game Rob Bowman May 17, 2010

This season and various cast and crew members associated with it were nominated for various awards including Primetime Emmy Awards, Shorty Awards and others. Nathan Fillion won shorty award among them.

Season 3: Episodes

Spread in 24 episodes Season 3 was originally aired from September 20, 2010 to May 16, 2011.

Title Director Written By Release Date
A Deadly Affair Rob Bowman September 20, 2010
He’s Dead, She’s Dead John Terlesky September 27, 2010
Under the Gun Bryan Spicer October 4, 2010
Punked Rob Bowman October 11, 2010
Anatomy of a Murder John Terlesky October 18, 2010
3XK Bill Roe October 25, 2010
Almost Famous Félix Alcalá November 1, 2010
Murder Most Fowl Bryan Spicer November 8, 2010
Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind Bethany Rooney November 15, 2010
Last Call Bryan Spicer December 6, 2010
Nikki Heat Jeff Bleckner January 3, 2011
Poof! You’re Dead Millicent Shelton January 10, 2011
Knockdown Tom Wright January 24, 2011
Lucky Stiff Emile Levisetti February 7, 2011
The Final Nail John Terlesky February 14, 2011
Setup Rob Bowman February 21, 2011
Countdown Bill Roe February 28, 2011
One Life to Lose David M. Barrett March 21, 2011
Law & Murder Jeff Bleckner March 28, 2011
Slice of Death Steve Boyum April 4, 2011
The Dead Pool Paul Holahan April 11, 2011
To Love and Die in L.A. John Terlesky May 2, 2011
Pretty Dead Jeff Bleckner May 9, 2011
Knockout Rob Bowman May 16, 2011

The season finale was considered by many among the best of Castle (aired so far) at the time. Castle and it’s various cast and crew members for season 3 were nominated for various prestegeous awards including “TV Guide Magazine’s Fan Favorites Awards”. Stana Katic won the best actress award among them.

Season 4: Episodes

Spread in 22 episodes Season 4 was originally aired from September 19, 2011 to May 7, 2012.

Title Director Written By Release Date
Rise Rob Bowman September 19, 2011
Heroes & Villains Jeff Bleckner September 26, 2011
Head Case Holly Dale October 3, 2011
Kick the Ballistics Rob Bowman October 10, 2011
Eye of the Beholder John Terlesky October 17, 2011
Demons Bill Roe October 24, 2011
Cops & Robbers Bryan Spicer October 31, 2011
Heartbreak Hotel Bill Roe November 7, 2011
Kill Shot David M. Barrett November 21, 2011
Cuffed John Terlesky & December 5, 2011
Till Death Do Us Part Jeff Bleckner January 9, 2012
Dial M for Mayor Kate Woods January 16, 2012
An Embarrassment of Bitches Tom Wright January 23, 2012
The Blue Butterfly Chuck Bowman February 6, 2012
Pandora Bryan Spicer February 13, 2012
Linchpin Rob Bowman February 20, 2012
Once Upon a Crime Jeff Bleckner February 27, 2012
A Dance with Death Kevin Hooks March 19, 2012
47 Seconds Paul Holahan March 26, 2012
The Limey Bill Roe April 2, 2012
Headhunters John Terlesky April 16, 2012
Undead Again Bill Roe April 30, 2012
Always Rob Bowman & May 7, 2012

Fourth season recieved many positive reviews. Viewers and critics like the way the main characters are united in this season as they were having off-on-off-on relationship throughout.

Nathan Fillion won the Best Actor award for this season (from Shorty Awards).

Season 5: Episodes

Spread in 24 episodes Season 5 was originally aired from September 24, 2012 to May 13, 2013.

Title Director Written By Release Date
After the Storm Rob Bowman September 24, 2012
Cloudy with a Chance of Murder Kate Woods October 1, 2012
Secret’s Safe with Me John Terlesky October 8, 2012
Murder, He Wrote Rob Bowman October 15, 2012
Probable Cause John Terlesky October 29, 2012
The Final Frontier Jonathan Frakes November 5, 2012
Swan Song David M. Barrett November 12, 2012
After Hours David M. Barrett November 19, 2012
Secret Santa Paul Holahan December 3, 2012
Significant Others Holly Dale January 7, 2013
Under the Influence John Terlesky January 14, 2013
Death Gone Crazy Bill Roe January 21, 2013
Recoil Tom Wright Story by : &
Teleplay by :
February 4, 2013
Reality Star Struck Larry Shaw February 11, 2013
Target Bill Roe February 18, 2013
Hunt Rob Bowman February 25, 2013
Scared to Death Ron Underwood March 18, 2013
The Wild Rover Rob Hardy March 25, 2013
The Lives of Others Larry Shaw & April 1, 2013
The Fast and the Furriest Jonathan Frakes April 15, 2013
The Squab and the Quail Paul Holahan Story by : &
Teleplay by :
April 22, 2013
Still Bill Roe April 29, 2013
The Human Factor Bill Roe May 6, 2013
Watershed John Terlesky May 13, 2013

Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic won the favorite couple award by “TV Guide Magazine’s Fan Favorites Awards” for this season.

Season 6: Episodes

Spread in 23 episodes Season 6 was originally aired from September 23, 2013 to May 12, 2014.

Title Director Written By Release Date
Valkyrie John Terlesky September 23, 2013
Dreamworld Tom Wright September 30, 2013
Need to Know Larry Shaw October 7, 2013
Number One Fan John Terlesky October 14, 2013
Time Will Tell Rob Bowman October 21, 2013
Get a Clue Holly Dale October 28, 2013
Like Father, Like Daughter Paul Holahan November 4, 2013
A Murder is Forever Bill Roe November 11, 2013
Disciple Rob Bowman November 18, 2013
The Good, the Bad and the Baby John Terlesky November 25, 2013
Under Fire Paul Holahan January 6, 2014
Deep Cover Tom Wright January 13, 2014
Limelight Bill Roe January 20, 2014
Dressed to Kill Jeannot Szwarc February 3, 2014
Smells Like Teen Spirit Kevin Hooks February 17, 2014
Room 147 Bill Roe February 24, 2014
In the Belly of the Beast Rob Bowman March 3, 2014
The Way of the Ninja Larry Shaw Story by : Christine Roum & Shawn Waugh Teleplay by : Christine Roum March 17, 2014
The Greater Good Holly Dale March 24, 2014
That ’70s Show John Terlesky April 21, 2014
Law & Boarder Tom Wright April 28, 2014
Veritas Rob Bowman May 5, 2014
For Better or Worse John Terlesky May 12, 2014

Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic won Favorite Actor and Favorite Acress respectively for Season 6 by TV Guide Magazine’s Fan Favorites Awards.

Season 7: Episodes

Spread in 23 episodes Season 7 was originally aired from September 29, 2014 to May 11, 2015.

Title Director Written By Release Date
Driven Rob Bowman September 29, 2014
Montreal Alrick Riley October 6, 2014
Clear and Present Danger Kate Woods October 13, 2014
Child’s Play Rob Bowman October 20, 2014
Meme is Murder Bill Roe October 27, 2014
The Time of Our Lives Paul Holahan November 10, 2014
Once Upon a Time in the West Alrick Riley November 17, 2014
Kill Switch Jeannot Szwarc November 24, 2014
Last Action Hero Paul Holahan December 1, 2014
Bad Santa Bill Roe December 8, 2014
Castle, P.I. Milan Cheylov January 12, 2015
Private Eye Caramba! Hanelle Culpepper January 19, 2015
I, Witness Tom Wright February 2, 2015
Resurrection Bill Roe February 9, 2015
Reckoning Rob Bowman February 16, 2015
The Wrong Stuff Paul Holahan February 23, 2015
Hong Kong Hustle Jann Turner March 16, 2015
At Close Range Bill Roe March 23, 2015
Habeas Corpse Kate Woods March 30, 2015
Sleeper Paul Holahan April 20, 2015
In Plane Sight Bill Roe April 27, 2015
Dead from New York Jeannot Szwarc May 4, 2015
Hollander’s Woods Paul Holahan May 11, 2015

Castle, Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic won Favorite TV Crime Drama, Favorite Crime Drama TV Actor and Favorite Crime Drama TV Actress by People’s Choice Awards for this season.

Season 8: Episodes

Spread in 22 episodes Season 8 was originally aired from September 21, 2015 to May 16, 2016.

Title Director Written By Release Date
XY Rob Bowman September 21, 2015
XX Paul Holahan September 28, 2015
PhDead Rob Bowman October 5, 2015
What Lies Beneath… Larry Shaw October 12, 2015
The Nose Steve Robin October 19, 2015
Cool Boys Paul Holahan November 9, 2015
The Last Seduction John Terlesky November 16, 2015
Mr. & Mrs. Castle Jeff Bleckner November 23, 2015
Tone Death Hanelle Culpepper February 8, 2016
Witness for the Prosecution Bill Roe February 14, 2016
Dead Red Jeannot Szwarc February 15, 2016
The Blame Game Jessica Yu February 22, 2016
And Justice For All Kate Woods February 29, 2016
The G.D.S. John Terlesky March 7, 2016
Fidelis Ad Mortem Rob Bowman March 21, 2016
Heartbreaker Tom Wright April 4, 2016
Death Wish Bill Roe April 11, 2016
Backstabber Jessica Yu April 18, 2016
Dead Again Bill Roe April 25, 2016
Much Ado About Murder Hanelle Culpepper May 2, 2016
Hell to Pay John Terlesky Story by : Jim Adler Teleplay by : Adam Frost & Nancy Kiu May 9, 2016
Crossfire Rob Bowman May 16, 2016

The eight season was speculated about being the final season of the TV Series as both Nathan and Stana’s contracts (of 7 seasons) were expired. As per various media sources Fillion and other cast members signed on for a potential ninth season. However the 9th season of Castle was officially declared cancelled on May 12, 2016.

So, with the impressive list of episodes and the award history, Castle seems to be a promising series to watch if you love crime drama.

We will keep reviewing it episode wise and will update the link to each episode on this page, so go ahead and bookmark this page :). We also invite you to sign up for our newsletter so you shall receive notification about the articles published here in your Inbox. And yes, share information about this TV serial with your friends and family members who you think will find it interesting to explore.

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