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Ek Bhool | Episode 4 Of Katha Sagar | Hindi TV Serial On DVD | Reviews

Episode #4 of Hindi TV Serial Katha Sagar explores the famous story – The Lion’s Share By E. Arnold Bennett.

Ek Bhool - Katha Sagar

Ek Bhool – Katha Sagar

The story is thought provoking and makes you think that is it true that the man is ultimately a selfish animal? Can one afford to be generous and selfless? Should one can forget the others who sacrificed a lot of him/her?

TV Serial :
Katha Sagar
Episode :
Ek Bhool
Based On :
Short Story: The Lion’s Share
Producers : Prem Kishen Malhotra, Sunil Mehta
Episode Director :
Kundan Shah
TV Adaptation and Dialogs :
# of Discs : 8
Actors : Naresh Suri, Saulabha Arya, Urmila Matondkar, Shiv Shastri, Asha Sharma, and others…
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As it is summary from a lot of wisdom tales, one should do the best for others, by keeping his/her own interest intact. Otherwise it may be possible that at the end, a true, genuine, selfless fellow may left alone!

The story starts with an interaction between two ladies. An elderly lady was telling the younger one that she is feeling all alone now and she will definitely enjoy her company when she will come to stay there. She than tells the young girl about Late Manju mother of Suresh and Dipak. Actually Suresh and Dipak’s father was a very genuine fellow who got dead even a longer ago, and now Manju (the second wife of Suresh and Dipak’s father, the real mother of Dipak, and step mother of Suresh) is also dead. Suresh is a very nice, humble, honest and genuine human being. He started his own business at very young age and is now very successful, Dipak lives happy-go-lucky life under the protection of Suresh and is immature at an extent. Suresh takes really good care of him.

We got to know that the young girl’s name is Shikha and the elderly lady is her aunt. Aunt was keen to see if Suresh and Shikha found each other compatible and get married to each other!

Aunt also informs that Suresh is really a nice guy the only problem is, he usually do not speak for himself. Not for any needs, or anything. When Shikha confirms that it is a good quality to not to speak much about our own self, aunt says that of course it is a good quality. But sometimes one have to express his desire, likes, dislikes and other stuff also. Being too humble is also not good for one. One must take care of his personal interests as well. Indeed.

During the conversation she reveal that there was a mistake done by Suresh a long ago and he is paying for the same too much. Actually before long ago when Nirmala was alive, once Dipak was sick. Dipak actually had health problems and used to be ill frequently. It was one such time, when Suresh came from somewhere. By seeing aunt and her mother doing good chitchat his asked that Dipak could have got bored alone upstairs. Let me bring it here.

As Dipak was sick Suresh decided to pick him up and come to downstairs. However his mother informed him to let Dipak come on his own, as climbing down a couple of stairs is not a tough job. But Suresh, loving Dipak too much, affirms that he will carry him as he is feeling sick. And while climbing down the stairs Suresh and Dipak both fall. Suresh felt guilty for the incident. The accident left some fear in Dipak’s mind. Though doctor said it is natural and Dipak will be alright in a while.

Then it became a kind of routine that whenever something happened which Dipak doesn’t like, he got collapsed with mental sickness. Not sure, if it was true or an act by Dipak. But it became a routine since then for sure. He was unable to complete his studies as well. Nirmala also breathed her last and now Suresh was buried below a lot of responsibilities.

Now what will happen between the meeting of Suresh and Shikha, will she adore and fall-in with Suresh for his qualities and genuineness? What role Dipak will play in the tale?

If to talk about acting Sulabha and Naresh excels. Urmila is good and rest are not bad. The sets are authentic and dialogs are penned good. The wardrobe and interior is up-to-the-mark. The incidents weaved nicely in the tale. The last scene of the episode is a must watch when Suresh refused to do the same mistake he made years ago!

The sole purpose of the wisdom tales is not only implant good stuff in one, but also make him/her aware that being too nice is also dangerous for one. This tale conveys the message effectively.

You may need to watch the episode a couple of times to digest all the aspects of the same.

Overall a nice stuff to go for, sure.
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