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The Dream | Agatha Christie’s Poirot | TV Serial | Season 1 | Episode 10 | Personal Reviews

The tenth episode of Agatha Christie’s Poirot (English TV Serial, which was aired in Briton), is titled as The Dream.

TV Serial : Agatha Christie’s Poirot
Season : Season 1
Episode # : 10
Episode Title : The Dream
Originally Aired : 19 Mar 1989
Starring : David Suchet (Hercule Poirot), Hugh Fraser (Captain Arthur Hastings), Philip Jackson (Inspector James Japp), Pauline Moran (Miss Felicity Lemon),
Joely Richardson (Joanna Farley), Mary Tamm (Louise Farley), Alan Howard (Hugo Cornworthy), Richard Bebb, Donald Bisset (Mayor), Christopher Gunning (Bandmaster), Arthur Howell, Paul Lacoux (Dr John Stillingfleet), George Little (Mr Dicker), Neville Phillips (Holmes), Christopher Saul (Mr. Tremlett), Fred Bryant, Martin Wenner (Herbert Chudley), Tommy Wright, and others…
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Benedict Farley is a very rich businessman. His vision and dedication brought his company to rich to the sky. It affected the physical appearance of Benedict as well. He wear glasses of very thick glasses and keep thick beard on half of his face.

His daughter Joanna is passionately in love with Herbert Chudley. Herbert is working at Farley’s company on a “not too high” position. He got the two weeks notice period from his company and he suspect that Joanna’s father did it by knowing about his affair with Joanna. Joanna was very angry with his father and express her wish to kill him (she may not mean it though).

Poirot summons by Benedict via a letter to meet him at his place. He found the letter a little strange though. He discusses the odds of the letter with his associate Captain Hestings and Miss Lemon both. He was asked to bring the letter with him when he go to meet Benedict. Poirot however wanted to take a chance meet the man in the news – Benedict. He expected to see a man with charisma (that usually millionaires have).

He found something unexpected though. He was sent to a room where he meet Benedict. The room have some irritating lighting arrangements. Hercule couldn’t see Benedict properly, as a bulb was blurring his vision. One more thing found strange by Poirot is, at the end of the meeting, when he is asked to handover the letter he was asked to bring with him. Hercule returned it, but, by mistake he have returned the wrong letter. Though, Hercule realised and rectified his mistake by exchanging it with the actual letter.

In the meeting Benedict tells hims about a dream he is used to have since days. He see himself killed in the dream.

And after a set of incidents we see that he was actually killed, and in the same manner he saw in the dream.

A few more facts to know before you make any conclusion. Joanna is the daughter from Benedict’s previous marriage. It would be kind of impossible for Herbert to get another job (at least in the same city) after getting negative reviews by Farley. Hugo Cornworth is kind of – second in command – in the Farley’s company.

Watching David Suchet playing Poirot is a delight to watch and this episode is no exception. See his irritation at Farley’s meeting place and you will realise his acting range. Both his aides Hestings and Lemon (played by Hugh Fraser and Pauline Moran respectively) are played by nice actors. And, how can we skip mention the performance of Philip Jackson as Inspector Japp.

Joely Richardson is convincing as Joanna. She looks pretty in most of the scenes, and she acts convincingly as well. Martin Wenner got a small role but he in convincing too. He have the persona and acting skills expected for the role. And yes, we cannot forget to mention the determined and calm Hugo (played by Alan Howard). Hugo’s character is also important one.

The script also play an equally important role in crime fictions. The original story was gripping and the dramatisation by Clive Owen is also of high quality. Also the way the suicide (or murder) is done, is quite differently. It is not imaginable by most of the common men, but Poirot is of course Poirot.

The sets are made with proper observation and the location of factor is chosen wisely. The meeting scene between Poirot and Farley doesn’t look convincing though (as to Poirot, as to us). The background music makes the dramatic effects better.

The dialogs are well written and you will enjoy them unfolding the story.

We also see some comic things going on at the end. The case with a kind of mayhem gives us a new hero. Will he succeed impressing the girl and get her love as expected?

The meeting before the climax where Poirot gathers everyone and tells the possible set of actions that could have taken place when Farley was found dead. Captain Hestings got a time to show his expertise in fighting skills here. You will like to watch this scene.

Overall a nice episode. Not to be missed by mystery lovers.

The remastered DVDs came up with good sound and picture qualities, and you can expect the same quality at Amazon Prime as well. So seeing all the positive aspects, if murder mysteries and thrillers are your choice, than you may not like to miss this one.

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