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Detailed Reviews For Episode 11 of Kahani Chandrakanta Ki Hindi TV Serial

Now Chandilal is one of the confidante to king ShivDutt. ShivDutt who was quite interested in the result only, to win ChunarGarh and defeat King VirendraSingh, was not keen in monitoring the ethical aspects of the war tactics he is using. He wants to achieve his goal with hook or crook.

Pt. Jagannath as we know was a man of ethics and he and people close to him, believe in doing the things in right way, and not to use the tactic which are improper. This lead to the difference of opinions between King and Pandit. And Pundit Jagannath does what he think is now the only way to stop destruction of King ShivDutt and ShivGarh. The palace and the kingdom was got a shock when they found that Punditji left for somewhere unknown. Badri considered this as the fault of Chandilal.

However the politics is something for the heavy skinned. One have to move on, by making his future secure. And Chandilal was very wise to do that, he knew what he had to do now. To be in the good book of King Shiv Dutt. So during this sentimental and emotional situation, he doesn’t take any step which is not good for Chandi.

The aaiyars of Chunargarh also playing their bits to overcome the situation which Chandi’s escape can raise. Whatever the secrets Chandi have, preventing King ViredraSingh, Queen Chandrakanta, their family and the entire kingdom from any damage due to the same, is now the sole agenda of them.

Badrinath was keeping an eye on Chandilal and he capture him when he was wondering on the border of ShivGarh and ChunarGarh. After asking for an explanation furious Chandilal tells him that he was there meet Gurudev. As according to Revati, Gurudev often does his Tapasya in this area of the forest. However Chandi asks Badri to not to keep doubting him, and their conversation converted into the fight of words between them. Badri’s doubts on Chandi keep rising, as after being humiliated so much, Chandilal was still in no mood to leave ShivGarh. It makes Badrinath think that there is something dangerous being cooked inside Chandi’s mind.

Mamik tries hard to look convincing, Vinod Kapoor acts good. The serial takes interesting turns. Shiva have a lot to work on his dialog delivery. Shikha is beautiful but looking aged now. When Santosh Shukla tries looking angry or dangerous on screen, he looks opposite. Costumes are good for some actors and not for the others. For the warriors especially, it could have been better wardrobe. New characters keep entering into the canvas. The actress playing Mayajal performs below average. The songs sung by Vinod Rathore are definitely positive point of the TV Serial.


Unfortunately this episode (and all other episodes of Kahani Chandrakanta Ki) are no more legally available for free to watch on YouTube. May we see this TV Series on DVD Soon!

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