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Dekh Bhai Dekh Hindi TV Serial On DVD Forteenth Episode Reviews

The fourteenth episode of the Hindi TV Serial – Dekh Bhai Dekh – is focused on Suhasini’s quest to get slim.

TV Serial :
Dekh Bhai Dekh
Executive Producers : Jaya Bachchan, AB Corp
Director :
Anand Mahendru
Writers : Rajeev Agarwal, Liliput, Parvati Walia, Vipul Shah, Maya Balse
Music : Udit Narayan, Ajit Singh, Raju Singh
Starring : Sushma Seth, N K Shivpuri, Navin Nischol, Farida Jalal, Shekhar Suman, Bhavna Balsavar, Amar Upadhyay, Deven Bhojani, Vishal Singh, Nattasha Singh, Sunny Singh, Karishma Aacharya, Rakesh Thareja, Daisy Irani, Liliput, Divya Sheth, Benu Kalsi, Shammi, Urvashi Dholakiya, Santosh Gupta, Ritu Sharma, Raju Shrivastav, and others…

It was a morning which changed the life of Suhasini. She and her husband was in very joyous mood as they used to be. Balraj was getting ready for the office when Suhasini brought her a book. It was better to call it a catalog. A catalog of dress designs. Suhasini want Balraj to suggest designs from the same. Balraj was in different mood though and started flirting and joking. Though he has to get serious when he found Suhasini was asking seriously. He however plays a master stroke by commenting on Suhasini’s growing weight and comparing the same with the models in the catalog (who are thin, obviously).

His punch touches to the heart of Suhasini and she got desperate to loose weight. She started doing some jogging and other exercise as well. It was all fine, but she then started to put a control on her diet also! In her ultimate decision she skipped the breakfast and drank some lemon-water only. Kareema was also surprised by the behavior. The members of the family got to know about the strict steps Suhasini is taking, but without knowing the reason!

Suhasini’s mother came to meet her and she brought her maid (who is very old) with her. The maid was getting shy and blushing. Suhasini was surprised with the behavior and her mother confirms that the maid was pregnant!!! Suhasini burst into laughter, but her mother didn’t find it funny though. She was worried about a lot of things.

Suhasini was also feeling a little sick, in-take lemon-juice more than other stuff (due to her health quest) which are similar to the same of a pregnant lady’s behavior! The members of the Diwan family started doubting that Suhasini got pregnant!!!

The comedy of errors then moves ahead giving a fun moments to enjoy.

The screenplay is tight and the incidents have quite a novelty in the same. The dialog writer does his bits by having some quickliners. Farida Jalal and Navin Nischal both are seasoned actors and they are convincing in their act. Same we can say for Shekhar and Bhavna too. The rest of the actors are also good, delivering fantastic performances in most of the cases.

The background music is perfect match. Suhasini’s weight loss mania is quite reflective of what we see in our surrounding. One also needs to understand that despite of dedication and hardwork, one need to go scientifically in order to loose or gain weight and it is a long term goal. Thinking to get the desired look overnight is something not achievable and not advisable too.

The episode is available for watching for free at Youtube.

The DVD quality is also good. The serial again proves that if good content is there then making a satire or sitcom doesn’t require much rather than the life stuff. Of course you need fine actors with great comic timings. You need great dialogs and situations. The rest of the stuff will work on its own. And yes, in the name of comedy, today we see that a lot of serials and shows are moving below the dignity level, which is absolutely unnecessary.

A nice episode, which (importantly) you can watch with your family and get some genuine smile on your face.

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