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Budi Kaki (बुढ्ढी काकी, actually it should spelt as Buddhi Kaki/Budhdhi Kaki) a story by Late Munshi Premchandji (known as the Shakespeare of Hindi Literature) is focused on another social issue. It is emotional depiction of the ignorance faced by the old people by the modern(!) generation.

TV Serial :
Producer : Sunil Batta, Drashti Films
Writer :
Director : Sunil Datta
Music : Uttam Chatterji
Editor/Camera : Mangal Sinh
Season : Season 1
Episode : Buddi Kaki (बुढ्ढी काकी)
Purchase Links : Guldasta @ Amazon.com
Guldasta @ Amazon.in
Actors : Pramod Bala, Chitra Mohan, Baby Chavi Gaur, Vijay Vikram, and others…

The Indian culture is known for its togetherness and family values. But we see that day by the families are shrinking from joint family to modular family to molecule(!) family. When there are circumstances (eg. job of the person) responsible for the same we can understand. But, what is the reason otherwise? Why the people got so narrow heart? It is a famous saying that there is enough space for many children (together) in a mother’s lap, but children have no place for their mother in their home(!) This is not the ideal situation, but we have to accept it that we are living at a large extent in such situations. And it is not good for the future of society.

This episode explores the story of an old lady. As she is referred as Kaki (aunt) throughout, we assume her to be a near/distant aunt of the head of the family she lives with. She is treated by the family like an unwanted creature. No one cares for her food or any other need. Though there is a cute young girl in the family, who love to spend time with the lady and occasionally bring some food forher as well. It represents the personal of aged people and young kids pretty well.

It is often said the older people are like kids, they are emotional, fragile and not at the peak of their strength. The only difference is, the kids are having no experience of the real world and no knowledge of various stuffs and understanding about society. Rest of the things are almost similar. Probably it is the reason why elder family members bond with the kids pretty easily and firmly. What are your thoughts?

Also, why people at young age, don’t understand that probably very similar days will come him/her as well (if he/she will live long enough). Do they want to be treated in the similar way by the next generation. As it is said, you can got what you gave, if you plant a tree of thorns, you cannot expect mangoes from the same! It is bitter but ultimate truth.

The old lady is waiting for a wedding ceremony in the family which will be scheduled sooner or later. Her main concern is, when the wedding ceremony is arranged, there will be good food cooked. And there will be some sweets too. And most importantly she will got to eat those stuff as well! She was passing her days with similar desire and there come the day she was expecting.

So now all will be well for the day for her? Will she be able to have mouth-full food or her desire? Family members might be eagerly waiting for her blessings too, right?

It is better to explore it while watching the episode. It is realistic representation of the social stuff. The acting of the old lady is good. The girl, who plays a kid, is not very convincing. The head of the family and his wife, are having less footage in the episode but they are convincing. The wardrobe is authentic and so does the location(s). The background music works really well. The cameraman did his job well. The script is good and mainly the base content is really nice which works in favor of the episode.

Remember, this is for only those who love to explore the realistic stuffs. If you are going to watch it with the aim of “entertainment, entertainment and entertainment” (the phrase is very famous these days…) you will be disappointed. Otherwise, it is not to be missed.

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