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The Cabinet Conspiracy | A Thriller By Jigs Ashar | Book Review

The Cabinet Conspiracy - Book Cover

Do you love reading political thrillers? We do. As India (that is Bharat) is buckling up for the nationwide elections, talking about political thrillers would be even more relevant these days, right? So, we thought to share with you our views and reviews for a thriller with the flavor of patriotism. We got a chance to read The Cabinet Conspiracy ... Read More »

8: The Game is On By Swapnil Khamkar | Book Review

8: The Game is On By Swapnil Khamkar | Book Cover

Sometimes your book library becomes so big and “books to be read” queue becomes so long that despite your genuine intention to read them, some of them took very long for their turn. Same is happened in the case of 8: The Game is On By Swapnil Khamkar. Book Title : 8: The Game is On Author : Swapnil Khamkar ... Read More »

Ashvamedha By Aparna Sinha | Book Review

Ashvamedha: The Game Of Power By Aparna Sinha | Book Cover

We’ve shared it many times but we want to reiterate it again that: One of the best perks of being a professional book reviewer (that too, associated with Team ThinkerViews) is getting exposed to some new/unknown/lesser-known talents which are (often) far better than some of the bestselling authors. Today we are sharing our thoughts for Ashvamedha: The Game Of Power ... Read More »