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Swordfish | Hollywood Crime Thriller | Personal Reviews

Swordfish - movie poster

Released on June 4, 2001 Swordfish is an action, crime thriller which is focused on Hacking. The movie have a lot of points which will make you enjoy it as a thriller without a doubt. But it is not a master piece. Movie : Swordfish Producers : Joel Silver, Jonathan D. Krane Director : Dominic Sena Written By : Skip ... Read More »

Kill Dil | Bollywood Movie | Film Reviews

Kill Dil | Hindi Movie | Bollywood Film | Poster

Seems the era of the Bollywood Masala movies is back. Now a days we see a lot of movies hitting the screen which gives you deja vu feelings and reminds you many blockbusters of 70s, 80s and 90s. Some of them are official remakes, others are a mattress weaved by picking various threads (scenes) from various movies. However if the ... Read More »

Happy New Year | A Time Pass Movie | Personal Reviews

Happy New Year - Film Poaster

Farah Khan has seen ups and downs of the film industry since her early childhood. She is a successful choreographer and some of the songs she choreographed are really remarkable. When she decided to be a film maker the vision was very clear to her. She wanted to make complete masala movies which are also known as typical Bollywood films. ... Read More »

Interstellar | Movie Review

Interstellar - Film Poster

The much-anticipated Christopher Nolan movie of the year is here. The Nolan brothers – Jonathan and Christopher – have so far created Memento, Inception, the Batman Trilogy and to some extent Man of Steel. Although Interstellar is marketed as a space thriller with story of space-travelers in quest of a habitable planet, it is also an extension in their signature ... Read More »

Haider | Bollywood Adaptation of Hamlet | Movie Reviews

Haider - Film Poster

Vishal Bhardwaj is famous for making the films which are often not considered as Bollywood mainstream films. Being a literary lover he have special place for Shakespeare drama’s in his heart. He tried to adapt the famous Shakespeare dramas through Hindi films Maqbool (Makbath), Omkara (Othello) earlier; and now he came with Haider which is modern day adaptation of Hamlet ... Read More »

Superheroes – Redefined , Re-understood, Re-interpreted

There was a time when a few generations in USA depended on the comic strips and magazines to bring them their periodical doses of superhero dramas. In the post second world war era, USA was enamoured by the range of para-humans it had developed ranging from Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, and so on. Today the list is ... Read More »