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City of Death by Abheek Barua | Book Reviews

City Of Death by Abheek Barua - Book Cover

We recently wrote about the Juggernaut App available for Indian readers. We just got an opportunity to read a new book published by Juggernaut called “City of Death”. Book Title : City Of Death Author : Abheek Barua Publisher : Juggernaut Published: (11 July 2016) # of Pages : 288 (Paperback) Purchase Link(s) : Buy this book from Amazon India ... Read More »

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child |Book Review

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child - Book Cover

Is there such a thing as ‘Happily Ever After‘? When J K Rowling showed us a glimpse of the life of older Harry Potter on the platform 9 3/4 long after the battle of Hogwarts was over, it did give an impression of being something very close to a happily ever after, if not perfect. But, life at its best ... Read More »

Once upon a time in India: The Marvelous Adventures of Captain Corcoran by Alfred Assollant | Book Reviews

Once upon a time in India: The Marvelous Adventures of Captain Corcoran by Alfred Assollant

There was a time when teenagers were fascinated by adventure stories that made a big chunk of their vacation reading, especially before internet made the world such a small place and made so many more options available. We have all been exposed to translated stories of Joules Verne, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Satyajit Rai (Feluda mysteries), and countless others during ... Read More »

If God Was A Banker by Ravi Subramanian | Book Reviews

If God Was A Banker - Book Cover

If God was a banker is another thriller by banker who is now more famous as an author, Ravi Subramanian. His other books we have reviewed so far are: 1. Bankerupt 2. God Is A Gamer (World’s first BitCoin thriller – published) Book Title : Warrior Author : Ravi Subramanian Publisher : Penguin Published: (2 December 2014) # of Pages ... Read More »

Warrior by Olivier Lafont | Book Reviews

Warrior - by Olivier Lafont - Book Cover

Actor Olivier Lafont’s roots are French (actually he is of mixed origin) but his understanding of Indian mythology is excellent. And, he is a very good writer. His command over English language is fantastic. He has written many books. Let us share our personal Views and Review for one of his books Warrior. It is tough to read this book ... Read More »

Corpokshetra: Mahabharata in the MBA Yug by Deepak Kaul| Book Reviews

Corpokshetra : Mahabharata in MBA Yug - by Deepak Kaul - Book Cover

There is something with Mahabharata that it is near to the heart of many Indian (and those who truly explored Indian literature) souls, that it was told and retold and retold, many times; without loosing its charm. I remember ace film script writer Salim Khan said in one interview that “There is no bigger/better screenplay than the Mahabharat (aka Mahabharata) ... Read More »