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How To Recover Deleted Files Using MiniTool Mac Data Recovery 3.0?

We often share our views and reviews for various software we come across and found important and/or worth talking about. In the era of Information Technology, data is new wealth. In fact, data security and data recovery became the areas which affect almost everyone who interacts with the digital world. The technology used for storage devices has improved a lot. ... Read More »

How To Take Screenshot of Entire Page from Firefox?

Firefox - Take Snapshot of Page feature - Step 2

If you are a web developer you often need to take screenshots (or sometimes presented with the screenshots) to attend a rectify a specify issue. Howevery it is not the only case. With growing popularity of E-Commerce, it is alwas advisable to take screenshot of the product you are purchasing which will be helpful to you in case of any ... Read More »

How To Recover Deleted Files Using MiniTool Power Recovery 7.0 Freeware?

Power Data Recovery - Welcome Screen

Recently we got a chance to explore MiniTool Power Recovery 7.0 which is a freeware; here are our unbiased reviews for the same. Introduction: Those who are familiar with Information Technology industry are well aware with Data Recovery tools. However they are pretty useful to almost everyone who is using computer in a one way or the other. Nowadays it ... Read More »

How To Do Unit Conversion | Google Search Tips And Tricks

During our day to day life we encounter situations when we need to deal with several different units. For example lbs and kgs, kilometers and miles, kgs and liters. We usually measure our weight in Kgs, but when go for weight training, the weight plates are often marked with the lbs. Some countries use KM to measure speed and others ... Read More »