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Pilot | White Collar | English TV Serial On DVD | Reviews

White Collar - TV Series - Poster

Episode #1 of US TV Series White Collar is focused on introducing characters and setting up the stuff, thus it is correctly titled as Pilot TV Serial : White Collar Created by : Jeff Eastin # of Seasons : 5 (Seasons 6 is running) # of Episodes : 75 (Not including episodes of Season 6) Genre : Crime Drama Production ... Read More »

Being Poirot | Journey Of An Actor | Personal Views

Hercule Poirot - Illustration

Recently we had a chance to watch the 50 minute video called “Being Poirot”. For all the Agatha Christie fans, “Agatha Christie’s Poirot” has been a sheer delight. The series started on 8th January, 1989 and went on for thirteen seasons filmed over 25 years until it ended on 13 November 2013. The work boasts of adaptation of every single ... Read More »

The Long Bright Dark | Episode 1 | True Detective | English TV Serial On DVD | Personal Reviews

True Detective - English TV Series - Poster

One of the gripping and thrilling TV serial – True Detective – runs in two time segments parallel. One segment runs in year 2012 where two detectives Martin Hart and Rustin Cohle are interviewed separately by detectives Thomas Papania and Maynard Gilbough. Cohle and Hart were the investigators of the murder case of Dora Kelly Lange, a prostitute. The murder ... Read More »

Sherlock | TV Series On DVD | Personal Reviews

Sherlock - British TV Serial - Season 1 - DVD Cover

It is tough to find a genuine reader who love detective fictions and crime thrillers who is not familiar with Sherlock Holmes. This fictional creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle got so much fame that at one point, the author himself started feeling overshadowed by his creation!! Yes, he thus decided to put it to an end. And, there came ... Read More »

Jack Reacher | Hollywood Movie | Personal Reviews

A film based on an interesting book is always a challenge for the makers. If executed properly it is always a delight for the viewers. Movie : Jack Reacher Director : Christopher McQuarrie Produced by : Tom Cruise, Paula Wagner, Gary Levinsohn, Dana Goldberg Based On : One Shot by Lee Child Screenplay by : Christopher McQuarrie Music By : ... Read More »

Sabotage | Trailer | Upcoming Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie

Arnold Schwarzenegger is now fully active in the movie industry after his duties as governor of California are over. After giving a solo film The Last Stand, he was seen with his buddy Sylvester Stallone in Escape Plan. It is also worth to note his cameo in The Expendables – II. Now his next movie Sabotage is scheduled to be ... Read More »