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Yahoo Server Hacked? How To Know If You Are Affected?

There has been a number of articles shouting about the recent hack which affected Yahoo. It is said that more than 4,50,000 users are affected.

A hacker group calling itself D33DS posted online this huge data and mentioned that it is not encrypted(!). It is also mentioned that it is a wake up call to beef up the security by shutting the loop holes which make it possible, for Yahoo.

Security researchers mentioned that it also exposes the information about other online services including but not limited to Google, Live (Microsoft), AOL and others. So if you email address doesn’t end with Yahoo.com (or yahoo.co.in and others…) it is still possible that your account might be in the list of hacked accounts!

The full details are available at various news sources like
india today
and others.

How to check if your Email account is affected by this hack?
http://labs.sucuri.net/?yahooleak is the place where a script is placed which let you check if the specified email address is in the list of hacked Email accounts, which you may use at your own risk.

In further technical details it is mentioned that the hacker group used SQL INJECTION technique to get into Yahoo Database and grab these details.

So never think as the security is all enough and continue testing and updating it periodically for all your websites, Email Accounts and other technical assets. The most worrying thing is though, the availability of sensitive data in UN-encrypted mode. This is something unexpected from the company like Yahoo! who is pioneer for so many things in Internet.

Let us know your views and reviews about this incident.

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  1. Once again Yahoo! Email accounts hacked and passwords stolen. Take security measures for your account(s). Read more at: http://ibnlive.in.com/news/yahoo-email-accounts-hacked-passwords-stolen/449011-11.html

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