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Google is on the way to acquire Katango | News

Are you familiar with Katango website (http://www.katango.com/)? If you are an online social network fellow, its really disappointing if you don’t know about the service. The site is having the algorithm developed to classify your contacts into appropriate group(s). As they claim on their home page, it lets you “Auto-magically organize your Facebook friends”. Google is interested in buying the company since its launch for the greatest asset Katango has, its algorithm and logic to classify contacts. Google is even more interested in acquiring the company now, because? well, the answer is all known, Google+. One of the unique features Google+ is promoted with or it revolves around is grouping the related contacts, in Google Plus’ terminology it is known as creating circles. Right now, Google+ is great at telling you the people whom you may know, but it is not suggesting a circle, where the person can be placed within. Google is interested in arming its widely spreading service (Google + ) to be armed with this feature to dominate the market and spreading its wings even wider.

Well, its not only Google will have benefit from the acquisition, the case of Katango is also similar. Well, initially Katango was the service (and it is yet focusing the same) for Facebook contacts and grouping them in logical segments. Now Facebook also have rolled out “Smart list” features, which does the similar thing. So as the additional feature provided by Katango is now native to Facebook, they also need to look for a different source to concentrate more on, and there is no better alternative than Google+, if you focus the current IT World.

Let’s see how the thing moves forward in the case.

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