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Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Hindi Movie Reviews

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, is the story of three friends and their intonational, experimental and life-changing journey. Arjun [Hrithik Roshan] is a financial trader who works at a firm in London, he grew up without his father and he is a self made man who knows the importance of money and willing to grow bigger. His motto is earn enough money till the age of 40 and have the peaceful life afterwards. Kabir [Abhay Deol] is working at his father’s construction company at Mumbai, he is about to get married to Natasha [Kalki]. Imraan [Farhan Akhtar] works as a copy writer for an advertising agency in Delhi, he is a closet poet.

Movie :
Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
Director :
Zoya Akhtar
Starring : Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar, Abhay Deol, Katrina Kaif, Kalki Koechlin, Ariadna Cabrol

The story starts when Kabir and Natasha’s family was enjoying a get-together and as a friend Kabir shows Natasha the ring which she bought as gift for her mother and everyone including Natasha believed that this is the engagement ring he bought for her. Though, he clears the dust in private to Natasha but the situation is out of control and he proposes her to wed him. Imraan was the part of the engagement party but Arjun couldn’t make it due to his busy schedule. Imraan revealed that the three friends were like the three musketeers. Kabir tells everyone that during their college days, they decided to go on a tour, where everyone have to participate in one adventure sport proposed by one of them. So three friends have to participate in three adventure sports, regardless of their likes/dislikes, circumstance, fears, conditions… whatever. Kabir forces Arjun to come to the trip anyhow, as he and Imraan was ready for the same; and this is the last chance he got before marriage.

Finally they meet and there starts the tour of Spain. On the multi-dimensional journey they meet, Laila [Katrina Kaif] – a fashion student from London, who works as a diving instructor in Spain during her vacations; Nuria [Ariadna Cabrol] – a friend of Laila; Salman Habib [Naseeruddin Shah] an artist. The central thought behind choosing the adventure sport it to remove the fear from one’s heart. They learns some realities of the life and understands to live the life fully as it will not be their again.

The music is good, a couple of songs are really melodious and adds to the joy. Sometimes though, you feel that it could have been better. If you talk about acting; Hrithik excels. He is having the persona and the skills which makes him standing a lot ahead of his contemporaries in the industry. His hardworking nature pays off. Whether his film was a hit of flop, it doesn’t matter, he delivers his best. Farhan is now on the way to be a seasoned actor, though his voice is something which makes the impact less. Abhay Deol chooses different kinda project every time, of course, he made blunders too, but here he goes well. Kalki tries playing his part well, though you feel that she is not having the look which is needed in the Bollywood heroin.

Katrina plays her part well. When she drives the bike, you feel that the body double is there. Ariadna has no scope in the film. Naseer and Dipti both are having guest roles in the film though they leaves impact. The story is nice [Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar], but the screenplay could have been tightened to make it more impactful. The movie’s budget was around 55 crore INR and according to several box office report it already have collected more than 100 crores till now. The foreign locations are nice. The underwater diving scenes focuses more on the internal battle of Arjun with his fear in stead of the scenery. The sky diving scenes are the highlight of the film. The tomatino festival is covered nicely in the film. The bull run in the pamplona is weaved in the film nicely, but not in the so excellent manner. Hrithik also did some choreography in the film and his adventures in the field of singing are not a new tale now. Zoya tried really well as one of the writers and as the director.

Overall a good movie which could have been better.

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