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The Last Stand – Hollywood Movie – Reviews

Arnold Schwarzenegger aka Arnie, has been loved by the movie lovers (especially the action genre lovers). And no matter who else is starring in the movie, it is referred as his movie. The latest released movie starring Arnold is – The Last Stand, with his beafy role. Here are our personal reviews for the same.

Movie :
The Last Stand
Producer : Lorenzo di Bonaventura
Director :
Kim Ji-woon
Writer : ,
Music By : Mowg
Cinematography : Kim Ji-yong
Editor : Steven Kemper
Studio : di Bonaventura Pictures
Distributed by : Lionsgate
Released On :
Starring : Arnold Schwarzenegger, Forest Whitaker, Johnny Knoxville, Rodrigo Santoro, Luis Guzmán, Jaimie Alexander, Eduardo Noriega, Peter Stormare, Zach Gilford, Génesis Rodríguez, Daniel Henney, Tait Fletcher, John Patrick Amedori, Harry Dean Stanton, Titos Menchaca, Richard Dillard, Doug Jackson, Matthew Greer, and others…

Sommerton Junction, is a small town in Arizona, USA very near to the border of Maxico. Ray Owens is the Sheriff of this town, where hardly any crime takes place. He have 3 deputies to take care of the same. And the crime happens here are like Mayor is parking his car in fire lane (BTW: the car is Red Chevrolet Camaro ZL1) OR a vintage arms collector named Lewis Dinkum doing shooting practice on meat slabs with Sherff’s deputies! But Ray’s life was not always like this. He used to work at LAPD and he had seen enough blood and wars. It was one of his operations which was banged. It broke him and his team was dispersed. And yes, he is older now! (Of course the heroes get older too, Angry Old Man you know).

Everything was running smooth and stable, but as we know, time keeps changing.

Gabriel Cortez, an International drug lord escape from the custody of FBI when being transferred. Of course, someone from inside the organization betray the country to make it happen. He is now in possession of a customized car which can run even faster than the chopper and is very strong indeed. And he have a victim too. Now he is heading towards the border and he is surely planning to cross the US borders to enter into Maxico, where he cannot be captured.

He have already set up a lot of man at various points which needed resources (including arms, vehicles and more), to have a smooth ride. FBI tried to catch him at various places but the attempts were failed. As the last resource, a SWAT team was sent to follow them. Sommerton junction was one of the possible destination (actually a route), Gabriel could take. Though, the FBI official was not convinced for the same.

Sheriff Ray Owens found a farmer murdered and he also saw some strangers in the town. He considered it as no coincidence. And based on his expertise and analysis he suspect something big is going on. And when he got to know that Gabriel is escaped, he was able to connect the dots. As most people are out of town and he have only 3 deputies to join him in the battle, he was actually out of resources by all the means. And, to add to his troubles, he got to know that the SWAT team will not be reaching there on time! And Gabriel have a number soldiers and heavy weapons to overpower his team in seconds.

He have only a few hours before Gabriel is passing through his town. He can turn his back and let Gabriel pass through his town. It will let the town and people there unharmed, but let the drug lord escaped (of course). He decided to fight Gabriel and his men and stop them at the last stand (before they cross the canyon of his town to enter Maxico).

The rest of the movie is about his fight with Gabriel and his army.

Frankly speaking the Villain and his expertise in car driving is cool and it is executed well, but those stunts doesn’t touch the heart in a lot of cases. You feel detached from the sequences, and according to us, in action movies also, the stuff must be emotionally connectable. No doubt, a lot of money is spent to make the stuff looking larger than the life and it is shown on the screen but somehow this quotient remains missing. We love action movies like Rambo, Commando, Terminator and other not only for the stunts, SFX and action, but also due to the fact that we can relate to those moments. If the movie has those attributes weaved even properly, then it could have be a must watch. And the villain is not terrifying like Benedict (in Commando).

It is Arnold Schwarzenegger movie and he does what is expected from him. Sometimes you may not like him to get hurt and all, based on his image, but he worked sincerely and his age quotient is weaved in the tale gracefully. Lewis tried providing some funny moments and so do Luis Guzmán. There is a love story segment in the movie to have emotional balance. Background score is convincing. Arnold speaks “I will be back again” in the movie, but in normal way, and yes, there are many “one liners” to enjoy. Some of the stuff is fresh in terms of execution and content too. The car chase in the farms – is fantastic.

If you are an Arnold fan, you should definitely go for it. Otherwise, it is a movie with its highs and lows. But the movie’s weak points are not that much weak that you should avoid it. It is much better than some of the action movies released recently

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