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PK | A Hindi Film With Good Content | Personal Reviews

One of the much awaited movie PK was released yesterday, and we were curious enough to not to give it a miss, based on the credibility of Rajkumar Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra. The movie is fantastic!

The movie is an entertainer with good story and took a satirical look at various customs including the religious stuff. It is very tough to take a stand against some of the religious stuff, as there is a chance you hurt the sentiments of people. Even there are many who are awaiting to create a controversy from almost anything for their personal gain, when it comes to the religion. Since the exposure of many so-called godmen it is proved that the business of religion is the most profitable and it is easy to drive people’s faith in the wrong way. As people fear the God, rather than loving him, such misuse will continue without a doubt. One of the other movie which said this thing in a nice way was – Oh My God – by Umesh Shukla. In a versatile country like India where people from many religions are living together, mostly with communal harmony, taking a stand against anything wrong being done by this so called godmen is like inviting a controversy. The makers did it with courage and they should be appreciated for the same.

And it is not only the stand against wrong beliefs and improper customs, the movie talks brilliantly about many other things. For example in a scene it is nicely explored that the same photograph of Gandhiji (on a notebook, on a poster, on a pamphlet,…) isn’t worth anything, it matters only on the currency note!! It clearly tells people often forget the ideology or great character, rather the material value is only considered as important!

Movie : PK
Director :
Rajkumar Hirani
Produced by : Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Rajkumar Hirani, Siddharth Roy Kapur
Screenplay By : ,
Written by :
Story by :
Music By : Songs:
AjayAtul, Shantanu Moitra, Ankit Tiwari
Editor : Rajkumar Hirani
Cinematography :
Production Company : Vinod Chopra Films, Rajkumar Hirani Films, UTV Motion Pictures
Distributed by : UTV Motion Pictures
Released On :
Starring : Aamir Khan (PK), Anushka Sharma (Jagat Janani aka Jaggu), Sanjay Dutt (Bhairon Singh), Sushant Singh Rajput (Sarfaraz Yusuf),
Boman Irani (the news channel head), Saurabh Shukla (Tapasvi Maharaj), Parikshit Sahni (Jaggu’s father), and others…

How healthy is a society where most of the people are trying to get money from a person? Or what we can say, when one find a prostitute is the only person whose hand can be held? How we can say it is a healthy society when someone cannot ask questions? Well, one of the greatest book of any religion – Geeta (aka Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta) – is nothing else but a question/answer session between Lord Krishna and Arjun (aka Arjuna). None of the verse of that book tells Arjun to do because Krishna says it. Krishna keeps Arjun motivating to ask questions, again and again, till he is satisfied and ready to fight. Of course, one cannot raise stupid questions just for the sake to raise controversy as the sole intention behind asking it. But otherwise, a man in meant to ask the questions. What is the purpose of having a brain and ability to apply logic behind anything, if no questions are meant to be asked?!

A couple of scenes of the movie also reminds the famous Terminator movie series. For example the arrival of PK (without clothes) is like arrival of Terminator. Another example is you see the machine (or can we say humanoid) in Terminator – 2 is having tears in his eyes when he is living Sarah and John; same way, you see PK got emotional when know about the love of Jaggu, or lose his friend Bhairon Singh! But the similarity ends there, the context is different, the feelings and the root cause are almost same.

The songs of the movie are good too. Bhagvan hai kahan re tu and Char Kadam are the best of the lot. They are studded with really brilliant and ear pleasing music, and meaningful lyrics. The Dil Darbadar, Nanga Punga Dost, Love is waste of time are second in the category. Tharki Chhokro is above average. The filming of that song is is decent despite of chances that it go absurd, the command of the director is well.

The dialogs are sharply written. They are meaningful, well thought, straight-to-the-point and courageous. Overall screenplay is good. In post interval portion it is slow though. Especially some scenes which are similar to Oh My God gives you feeling of Deja Vu. The romantic track between PK and Jaggu doesn’t add much to movie, however it seems important to show the “pure love”.

The satirical take on “dancing cars” and “condom” is well thought. At places it look a little exposing stuff, but more than that is available on newsstand and TV channels these days. The director however made it sure, that there are no absurd stuff available (like that down-the-pants moments in 3 idiots). Rajkumar did his job brilliantly in both writing and direction segment, though he is better as director. The cinematography is eye pleasing and the background music is quite well.

Aamir Khan is a method actor and he found a way to show the childlike innocence. He does his job with honest efforts. Anushka got a chance to show her talent again, and she grabbed it well. Sushant is adorable in small role. Boman’s role is small, but he made his presence felt. Ditto for Parikshit Sahni. Sanjay Dutt’s role is also small. His dance moves shows him getting aged now. But he is good otherwise. Saurabh Shukla is fantastic.

Some spoilers ahead:

Some scenes of the movie are not to be missed or forgotten includes (but not limited to) are:
PK locking his chappals with the gate.
PK finding the importance of money.
PK paying the customs of every religion.
The shocking bomb blast.
PK questioning the godman.

If we take a brief look at the story, here it is:
An alien from a far planet is landed on the earth to study the creatures living here. He wear nothing else but a locket which is a remote control to send signals to his spaceship, the only way to get him back to his home. The alien met with a thief on his arrival and lost his remote. He is now like a child lost in the crowd. His experiences about the people on the earth, their social and economic setup, their faith and blind-faith in the God, etc. are the rest of the movie.

It is a no-nonsense, good at content, good at execution movie, with some good performances, and it is probably one of the best way to end the year 2014.

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