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No one killed Jessica | Reveiws for Bollywood Hindi Movie

You must have heard that truth is stranger than the fiction and that’s strange truths inspires the movie makers to create movies on the real life incidents.

Movie : No One Killed Jessica
Director : Raj Kumar Gupta
Starring : Rani Mukerji (as Meera Gaity), (Vidya Balan as Sabrina Lall),Myra Karn, Neil Bhoopalam,Rajesh Sharma,Shireesh Sharma,Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub,Bubbles Sabharwal,Yogendra Tikku,Geeta Sudan,Samara Chopra,Satyadeep Mishra, and others

Its not necessary for a reality based movie to be an art or sober movie, a commercial movie with some “filmy incidents” can also belong to the same category. It always fascinates the movie makers to create movies based on the real life incidents which are widely known. The benefit is, the movie marketing is 50% already done via the actual incidents, and public is well aware with the incidents mentioned in the movie. All the movies makers doesn’t love to touch this genre though. The reasons! Well, in most cases the controversy associated with such incident makes them to take a few steps back. Controversy’s play in the movie’s life is unpredictable and double sided. It makes the public aware with the movie and at the same time it may be possible that the people go against the movie and the movie could face ban on. Such incidents are well known, so we are going to discuss them here. Though one thing is sure that the maker needs a lot of guts in preparing such movies and he/she have to be ready to respond some threatening incidents as well. Other thing is, it is very tough to create a commercial movie, based on the real life incidents which are much known and controversial, exposing a serous issue, and justify the actual events. A very few films got succeed maintaining the same.

The film “No One Killed Jessica” is based on the true story of murder of Jessica Lal. She was a Delhi based model who was shot dead by Manish (Manu) Bhardwaj, the son of the infliential politician from Haryana. It was a night, when she was closing the restaurant bar along with model cum actor Vikram Jai Singh, Manu arrived with some of his friends. He asked her to feed them the drinks which according to the restaurant rules denied by Jessica as the bar is closed. Manu insisted her and the war of the words got hotter and Manu brutally shot Jessica to her death. The incident was very public and facts are known to a lot of people. But in court, you need to provide the proofs. The eye-witnesses were influenced by the powerful family connections of the accused and they were refused to clear tell the truth, due to various reasons. It became the war between Jessica’s family and Manu’s family. Sabrina, the sister of Jessica vowed to fight till the justice is there.

In February 2006, the court acquitted Manu and other accused due to lack of sufficient evidence setting off a public outcry and widespread protests. The backlash from the initial acquittal forced the re-opening of the investigation. In December 2006, Manu was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Media have played a vital role in making the public aware with the case, reopen the case and expose the incidents. The movie title itself is inspired from the headline of Times Of India, as confirmed by the director. Initially the accused found non-guilty by the lower courts, but the nation wide protest, public awareness and media interfearance played its role and the case was reopened.

The incidents are crafted on the celluloid in the manner they remain nearest to the reality. The emotional sequences are more than the dramatic ones, which is a positive. We can applause the story, screenplay and direction all here. The acting of both the lead actresses Rani and Vidya are excellent and much praised by all. They also developed a bond of friendship during the movie shooting. Other supportive cast also found doing the honest efforts to play their role(s) and succeed in the same. The background music is first rate. Dilli Dilli, song shows the spirit of the city, but Aali re, is for commercial success only. Some of the scenes in the movie could have been avoided. Overall a genuine take on the real incident by being as honest as possible. A movie you can prefer to watch (but not with kids).

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