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Murder 2 |Hindi Film 2011 | Bollywood Movie Reviews

Now a days so many Bollywood film makers are going to make sequel of the previously hit film by them. Sometimes the story continues from the previous episode, sometimes there is no significant link between them but characters (at least some of them) retains. Sometimes there is no link apart from title.

Movie :
Murder 2
Director :
Mohit Surii
Starring : Emraan Hashmi, Jacqueline Fernandez, Sudhanshu Pandey, Prashant Narayanan, Sulagna Panigrahi

Murder 2 falls in the later category. It shares the name of a previously hit film by the same camp. Of course the lead actor Emraan Hashmi is there and there are two murders in the film as well. It all starts with the item song “Jaane Hoga” filmed on Yana Gupta being played along with the titles going on, and when the title ends, the song and Yana’s role too. Arjun [Emraan] is a suspended police officer (though he doesn’t look like ever being in police, from act or body language), who goes to the Church on the regular bases despite of not believing in God (until an incident happens, which from no angle inspire someone to change his belief in any logical way, towards the end when Aye Khuda song plays in the background – the song is nice). He is hired to solve the mystery of missing call girls working for a local goon cum pimp named Sameer. As it is the Christmas time and in Goa, where the film is situated, the demand of the girls is high, the case is important for those who are associated with the same.

Apart from this unconventional hero, there is a lead girl too. Priya (Jacqueline Fernandez) who does nothing but expose herself for any modeling contract she offered to earn money. She is in the relationship with Arjun. Hear the dialogs after their first encounter (on the screen, in the movie) and you will gotta know everything about the characters of both of them and the type of the film. Anyway, story moves ahead, a cute young girl Reshma (Sulagna Panigrahi) who is one of the reliefs in the film enters the screen. She has to help her family who is living in poor condition and to overcome the situation, she decides to go for prostitution and become the part of the Sameer’s group. As per Arjun’s advice Sameer feeds the girls whenever asked by anyone, in order to catch the villain. Unlucky Reshma became victim.

She is delivered to the house of Dheeraj Pandey (Prashant Narayan) – the leading antagonist and another relief in the film. Dheeraj is a psycho killer. He is the one who killed missing hookers. He decide to do the same with Reshma too. After beating her brutally and throwing her body in a dark well, he rush for the medicine for his wounds where he meets Arjun co-incidently. Arjun who got the message about the girl and desperately seeking her without any clue, ignoring the desperate phone calls of Priya; finds that Dheeraj is the one he is looking for. They gets into the fight and lands into the police station. According the the prestige of Arjun to be part of lot of nonsence and fights, the inspector doesn’t believe him but locks him up. Dheerj starte playing mind games with the cops but later affirms his crimes. Though he got hint of help by one of his supporter who is at the good place in government and changes his statement in front of the police commissioner Khan.

Later Arjun goes for finding evidences and witness against Dheeraj. Priya is trapped by Dheeraj and the hero saves her in the climax. All goes well at the end. Song and music is the positive part of the film, like almost all films of the Bhatt camp. Songs are great to hear. Background score adds the charm. Prashant Narayan excels in playing the antagonist. He is the delight to watch. No doubts about his talent. Sulagna Panigrahi is enacting her part confidently and she acts really well. She is the another person after Prashant who scores great in terms of acting and body language. She looks what she needs to. Emraan Hashmi does his part. He do not need to act much and he don’t. Some fix facial expression does it all for him. He need to do lot of smooching though, and he does it well. Jacqueline is fine for her role. She doesn’t look pretty or graceful either. She was looking nice in “Jaane Kahan Se Aaayi Hai”, but not here. She does a lot of skin show and whenever she had some dialogs to speak, Emraan comes smooching her to end the same. She got a couple of nice scenes apart from these stuff and she performed okey in that. There is a lot of similarity in South Korean film “The Chaser” and “Murder 2” storyline. Definitely not a movie to watch with the family but now a days lot of adult material is aired and available otherwise, and kids know how to access it smartly. The movie earned Rs. 66 Crore (US$14.72 million) on the box office according to the various sources.

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