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Mukhbir (Mukhbiir) Hindi Film | Bollywood Hindi Movie | Views And Reviews

Mukhbiir is the Hindi movie penned and directed by Mani Shankar. This time Mani Shankar came with the story of a Mukhbir – a person who works undercover, sometimes known simply as the contact. His main work is to infiltrate the gang he has to spy on and collect the important inside information and provide the same to the intelligence or police whoever he is connected with.

A Mukhbir never recognized by the society nor get fame or credit for the great work he does with the risk of life. In most of the cases he gets the bullet at the end. This is what it is explored in the movie.

Movie : Mukhbiir
Writer, Director : Mani Shankar
Released On : 29 August 2008
Actors : Sameer Dattani, Om Puri, Sunil Shetty, Sushant Singh, Rahul Dev, Jackie Shroff, Raima Sen, Kelly Dorjee

It is the story of a boy whose parents got expired when he was 12. His relative were not ready to take his responsibility. At the age of 18 he got captured in a round up, though he was innocent. The intelligence officer shown him his future as he will be in the jail for next few years and he may loose his own identity when come out. Then he offered him a way to compromise. Desperate to proove his innocence and get a little more money from the officer, he agree to join him (Had he any other option?). The officer trained him to fight, talk, implanted knowledge of technology and well-groomed him for the work he wanted him to do. Of course, at the risk of his own life. This is almost a similar story to any of the majority of such under cover informers.

He has given a mission to the Naxalite area in Andhra Pradesh where escaped the death from very near. The home ministry (especially the minister himself) was keen to know his identity which the officer was not ready to reveal any way. But he just briefed the minister about the age, background etc about this fellow. (Do we need a name? Had he any name? Doesn’t he need to change his identity for each mission? All his possessions, everything he is linked with any way, can be taken from him any time!). As he said in the beginning “Kuchh Is Tarah Se Maine Jeevan Saja Liya (2), Har Baar Ek Naya Chehra Laga Liya“. His anonymity is his best asset. The dialogs are first rate we can say “e.g. In Policewalon Ka Ehsaan Mat Maan Bete, Yehi Fasate Hain, Fir Bachane Chale Ate Hai” (said by the wife of that officer).

The Mukhbir wanted to change his life by leaving the field but the officer insists him to stay till he earn some more money. He is then assigned the mission to take over a new identity. Identity of a sharp-shooter of a gang (gang of Mamu) and his work is… well we know, to infiltrate. He had to learn the behavior of the person in a few minutes, whose identity he has to take. “Takdir Ki Lakeerein Hathon Mein Ruk Gai, Kadmo Ki Aahaton Se Manzil Thehar Gai“, and the sharp-shooter is encountered and he is ready to take his place.

As being attractive he became interest of the Didi and that didn’t went well with Pasha. He is assigned his first duty to kill the wife and daughter of the minister. He promised that he will not kill any one and hence he escaped the situation easily. But was there the time when he couldn’t escape? He starts working with Biju then and then… “Apno Ka Na Kabhi, Gairon Ka Ban Saka, Sanson Ki Aarzoo Ka Hissa Na Ban Saka, Mere Wajood Ko Sab Ne Bhoola Diya, Har Bar Ek Naya Chehra Laga Liya“.

Then he had to expose the racket run by Mustafa with the help of people like Pasha. It was the racket to use the human body and sell its part to earn a very large amount of profit. Mukhbir successfully collects the fingerprint of Mustufa and sends it to the officer along with the scatch of him. In the course of the event they succeed to kill Mustafa by sending the information to Rehmaan, the intelligence officer. Though the stuff didn’t went well for the politicians as a lot of them are associated with the business.

Everyone knew the name of the officers associated with the case but no one knew the name of the Mukhbir (or even his identity). He is the one they were looking for, like hungry beast. The officer didn’t expose the identity of Mukhbir even to his death and Mamu was also assassinated by Pasha and gang.

What will happen of this Mukhbir now? His sole guardian cum contact cum everything is dead now. He have no support any more. Does anyone else knows about him? What would be his fate?

All these questions are better to get answered by watching the movie! Alok Nath is must to mention with Om Puri for the performances. The central character is played by Sameer Dattani. Sometimes you think that he lacks the intensity needed for the character, but then you realize he is playing a 19-20 year old. Sunil Shetty is first rate. Jackie Shroff have not to do more. Same we can say for Raima Sen. The supportive cast is good. Sushant Singh played well.

A couple of songs are there in the movie but background music is the stuff to mention. Mani Shankar’s intentions are good and as he claimed that due to intelligent budget planning the cost to make this film is recovered before the release itself. Instead of watching some senseless movies, better to watch this little heavy yet impactful drama. Also worth to note that to get into the character properly, Mani Shankar arranged a night in the lock-up for Sameer Dattani, where only the local inspector knew that he was an actor. In addition to this, Mani Shankar also arranged a visit to the underworld for him. Though he had a harrowing experience during the night, he was happy that his efforts brought him positive reviews from the critics.

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