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M:I-4 : The Ghost Protocal | Hollywood Movie | English Fim | Views And Reviews

The Mission Impossible series of Films is so fascinating that there are a large number of people loves it. It all started of course with the first installment of the film “Mission Impossible” released in 1996. Now known as MI in short (or M:I) the film series is having its own fan following. It is actually based on a popular TV series of the same name and have collected over $2 Billion from around the world, proving its popularity. You can find the reviews for M:I 2 here. . So when the M:I 4 – the Ghost protocol was released people were awaiting for watching the same. In a hit franchisee like the M:I series the responsibility on the director’s shoulder gets multi-fold. He have to deliver the better than the previous version not only the treatment but to content wise as well. So let us see what is there in this installment of the movie for us all.

Movie : Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
Director : Brad Bird
Producers : Tom Cruise, J. J. Abrams, Bryan Burk
Writers : André Nemec, Josh Appelbaum
Distributor : Paramount Pictures
Starring : Tom Cruise (Ethan Hunt), Simon Pegg (Benji Dunn), Jeremy Renner (William Brandt), Paula Patton (Jane Carter), Michael Nyqvist (Kurt Hendricks), Vladimir Mashkov (Anatoly Sidorov), Samuli Edelmann (Marius Wistrom), Ivan Shvedoff (Leonid Lisenker), Anil Kapoor (Brij Nath), Léa Seydoux (Sabine Moreau), Josh Holloway (Trevor Hanaway), Pavel Kriz (Marek Stefanski), Miraj Grbic (Bogdan), Ilia Volok (the Fog), Tom Wilkinson (the IMF Secretary), Ving Rhames, Michelle Monaghan, Mike Dopud, Ivo Novák, Brian Caspe, April Stewart, Nicola Anderson

This movie also, like the others in the franchisee starts will hunting of Ethan Hunt the protagonist. Sometimes you have to find him enjoying his vacation but this time he is in the Soviet Prison and Benji was doing the efforts to get him out of there with the help of field agent Jane Carter. But wait… before that there is a small chain of incidents happen, which is the base of the story and we cannot miss it mention. Budapest, Hungary, Trevor Hanaway an IMF agent was succeed intercepting a courier with the launch codes of Russian Nuclear Missiles. He though on the way to meet his rest of the team, got killed by an assassin. The assassin Sabine Morea is working for a person code-named “Cobalt”. Which makes it necessary to call Ethan out of prison and lead the team to get the nuclear missile launch codes back safely. However they were the Soviet missiles, but if one such missile from any country will be launched the others will launch their to answer the same resulting not only in the World War but the end of the Planet Earth. Ethan however refuse to get out alone and in a thrilling sequence of events gets out with Bogdan, his contact.

Now Ethan and Benji have to infiltrate the secret Moscow Kremlin archives. They also need to find out who this mystery man Cobalt is. It is known to the authorities that he is the one who is interested much in launching the nuclear weapons and is a Russian constant. In the disguise of Russian Military officials Ethan and Benji were doing their bits with planned way and proper precautions and the use of hi-tech gadgets. The stuff went wrong when someone from the IMF frequency deliver a warning to the Russian security about Ethan’s team. A bomb blasts and the Kremlin was destroyed! However Benji and Jane escape, Ethan was taken into the custody and was charged for the mishap by Russian authorities.

Of course, the IMF does its beat to extract Ethan from Moscow but in the car the secretary informs him that Russians have declared the incident as undeclared war. In response the president of US have activated the “Ghost Protocol” making the IMF dysfunctional. So now IMF is there no more. However the good and genuine intentions of Ethan and his team were known to secretary he suggest him that as he have to fetch him to the authority for a trial and Ethan will be declared the guilty one; the only way for him is to escape. Obliged by the affection and trust of secretary Ethan was about to speak and their car was attacked resulted into immediate deaths of driver and secretary. Only the intelligence analyst William Brandt and Ethan were found their way to escape. The team behind the attack belonged to Russian security forces. Now Ethan and his team (William, Benji and Jane) were on its own. They successfully escape the place of incident and caught the train where their equipment and command center was integrated. They succeed in identifying Cobalt as Kurt Hendricks . Kurt was a Swedish born Russian having expertise in the nuclear strategy. He believed in the strategy of the survival of the fittest in his own way, in his opinion the weak have to die so that the strong can survive. He was planning something stupid like launching a nuclear war , killing the weak humans and start a new stage of human evolution. He was the one who Bombed Kremlin. He was the one who was able to capture the nuclear launch-control device. He was the one having the power to control the fate of the world now. But wait, there is one thing he was missing, that is – activation codes for the device.

So now there has to be chases. The chase for the activation code by the antagonists to capture and use them and the protagonist and his team to somehow stop them playing with the fate of the Earth. The chase lead them to Burj-Khalifa the tallest building in Dubai. There are times when Ethan have to act like a spider-man to get inside the server room in Burj Khalifa from the outside. Then there was a chase happened under the sand storm between Ethan and Wistrom where Wistrom successfully escapes with the activation code. We also found the connection between Ethan and Bandit. The chase then lead them to India, in the city of Mumbai, into the party of the business tycoon of India, owner of a satellite, Brij Nath. Will they succeed stopping the villains? Well, you know the answer but we are not going to spill the beans here. It is better watching it on screen. Also you will know, why Ethan was there in the prison.

The story and its presetation both holds you when watching. There are some larger than life scenes in the movie (well, which M:I movie hasn’t them?). The chases are superb. The acting is cool. Overall a film where all your money (for ticket or purchasing the DVD) were totally pay off.


  • The movie was a hit and it moitivate the creators to create another movie of the same series. It is officially announce that there will be a next movie in the M:I series. So get ready to see M:I 5, to watch Tom Cruise performing Ethan Hunt for the fifth time.
  • The film was originally announced with a working name of Mission: Impossible 4, and codenamed “Aries” during early production.
  • The film was partially shot with IMAX cameras, which made up approximately 30 minutes of the film’s runtime
  • Brad Bird may not be the director of the 5th installment of the series, but Paramount studio is intrested in fast-tracking the film to encash its success.
  • Many of the film’s interior scenes were shot at the Canadian Motion Picture Park in Vancouver, including a key transition scene in a specially equipped IMF train car and the battle between Hunt and Hendricks in a Mumbai automated multi-level parking (constructed over a six-month period just for the film).

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