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It seems the season of remakes. Recent release Main Tera Hero which is going strong on the box office (well, it is not block buster yet, but generates good revenue, and it seems that with the word of mouth it will go stronger) is an official remake of Telugu film Kandireega.

Movie :
Main Tera Hero
Producer : Shobha Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor, Alpana Mishra
Director :
David Dhavan
Written By :
Studio : Balaji Motion Pictures
Music : SajidWajid
Editor : Nitin Madhukar Rokade
Released On : 04 April 2014
Starring : Varun Dhawan (Sreenath Prasad “Seenu”), Nargis Fakhri (Ayesha Singhal), Ilena D’Cruz (Sunaina), Arunoday Singh (Angad Negi), Anupam Kher (Vikrant Singhal), Rajpal Yadav (Peter), Evelyn Sharma (Veronica), Raju Kher (Professor), Shakti Kapoor (Johney), Saurabh Shukla (Balli), Manoj Pahwa (Mr. Prasad), Supriya Shukla (Mrs. Prasad), Salman Khan (Voice over – God), and others…

David Dhavan is now famous for his own style of movies. The movie takes his legacy forward for sure. You see the tailor made role for Govinda (and partially Salman Khan) is essayed by Varun Dhawan. And we must say that he essayed it convincingly.

In real life people face a lot of problems and as the election is arriving in India, the political situation also carries a little tension. People wants some relief and comedy movies are definitely in their choice list. Apart from the current situations, comedy movies are always a good choice for people.

The movie – Main Tera Hero – has flows and some scenes don’t work, but it has good moments also which works. Sometimes we may feel that this movie could have been better launching for Varun instead of Student Of The Year. As it provides him a good platform to show his skills in various areas like acting, dancing, fighting and more. Though, the movie have a very few emotionally sad scenes in Varun’s bucket.

The heroins are looking thin. Nargis have American accent, and her roles is of such type where it can fit to the character to have accent. Ilena has a role meatier than that of Nargis. Both the heroins try playing convincingly and they succeed at a large extent. Especially for the masala movie audience. Manoj Pahwa have little role, Supriya Shukla have even less dialogs. They are convincing though.

Anupam Kher have a little loud role (which he have mostly, when it comes to comic roles), but he doesn’t have to some stupid things, thank god. Arunoday Singh have persona for the role he is chosen, and he does his bits. In terms of writing we must say that the villains who were terrifying in the beginning are looking funny and comic towards the end. This transformation is not convincing and against the personality of the characters.

The cinematography is good and most of the sets are convincing and attractive. Though there are exceptions, like the interior of the train (which takes Seenu from Ooty to Bangluru).The witty dialogs and one liners by Milap Zaveri are likable. You can clearly see references to some old movies in dialogs and situations, and it works too. There are scenes which require better writing though. For example as a cop Angad can know the background and family details about Seenu, but how can Seenu know the same about Angad, as he was all busy romancing the girl? Also how can he challenge the cop like, he himself was responsible for transfer of few police officials and more?! So, if you don’t apply logic and just watch it for the fun, then the movie can prove a good cinematic experience without a doubt.

The music is good as well. The title song rocks. There are a couple of songs which are not that much effective (
Eg. Shanivaar Rati), but overall the album is good. For song Besharmi Ki Height, the words do not match the situation prior to the songs! David is in full form and leaves a good impact as director. He controlled himself by avoiding some adult stuff to implant in the movie at large extent. There are few moments though, but those are common nowadays.

The story belongs to Seenu, a college student from Ooty. He fail performing in exam due to his carelessness and was failed by two marks. He decide to abduct the daughter of the professor to resolve the matter. The situation became the worst though! He then decided to go to Bangluru to earn a degree. During his train travel he encountered with some goons, which, without his knowledge, will lead to incidents which make his world upside down.

In college he bumped into a girl Sunaina, and fall for her. A brutal and cruel police officer, Angad Negi, loves Sunaina. His love is one side though. But no one dare going against him and he is very possessive about Sunaina. These bring Seenu and Angad against each other. To make the matter worst, there came a situation where Angad challenges Seenu to make Sunaina fall in for him (Seenu)!

The challenge was accepted and Seenu was successful winning the heart of the girl! But then Sunaina was kidnapped!! By whom?, why? Now what? is the rest of the movie.

As mentioned earlier, watch the movie just for fun, do not try to apply the logic much, and you will enjoy it for sure.

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