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Krrish – 3 | Bollywood Movie | Promos, Songs And More…

Krrish – 3, the latest movie in the series is making to headlines since a while. We took note of launch of official trailer for the same .

We are watching the promotion of the movies closely and see several evolving trends and factors in terms of marketing and promoting a movie – in Bollywood.

FilmKraft is pushing all the efforts to leave no stone unturned in terms of promoting the moving and creating curiosity about the same in public. And to attract the young generation they use the technology at the max. For example the first poster of the movie was launched on Twitter!

Here is the trailer of the movie for quick reference:

Krrish-3 Official Trailer

Later, they come up with songs of the movie, where official YouTube Channel for the movie presented teaser for the song – Raghupati Raghav – and T-Series, the official music rights holder, launched the full song on their channel.

Raghupati Raghav Song Teaser

Raghupati Raghav Song Full

After a while of the same, FilmKraft made, Making of the same song – available on YouTube.

Raghupati Raghav Song Making

They, then come up with a game with the same name (Krrish-3) and started with Windows mobile version of the same.

The marketing brains promoting the movie then came up with a series of dialog promos

Krrish-3 Dialog Promo I

Krrish-3 Dialog Promo II

Krrish-3 Dialog Promo III

This is not all, they are selling Krrish-3 merchandise as well! For ice-cream, a famous brand, Havmor now sells Krrish-3 range of ice creams as well.

The loop continues with another song made available to public by T-Series

And you will see more Dialog promos, product/merchandise, songs of the movie coming to make people more curious about the movie. It would be interesting to watch their marketing efforts. As making this movie was definitely very costly, the production house is collecting money from various sources. It is prove so far a successful strategy as all the videos are getting millions of hits and produces revenue for the film makers.

What you think about the marketing of the movie? Do share your thoughts via comments below.

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  1. The movie is already getting positive reviews:
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  2. The movie officially releases today. We are curious to watch it and post our reviews for the same here.

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