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Kites | Bollywood Movie On International Canvas | Personal Reviews

Kites was one of the most awaiting film of the year it was released in (2010). As a very big budget film it came up with international quality standards but was unable to fulfill the expectations from the people and was sunk on box office. Though if you see figures at Wikipedia, you will see that the movie grossed more than spent on the same, so it is not proper to consider it as a commercially flop venture. Though it is also well-known truth that the movie took more than expected time during shooting and thus lost the charm a little.

Movie : Kites
Director :
Anurag Basu
Produced by : Rakesh Roshan
Story :
Screenplay : Robin Bhatt, Akarsh Sharma, Anurag Basu
Music By : Rajesh Roshan (Songs), Salim Sulaiman (Background)
Editor : Akiv Ali
Cinematography : Ayananka Bose
Distributed By : Reliance BIG Pictures, Filmkraft Productions
Released On :
Starring : Hrithik Roshan (Jai), Bárbara Mori (Natasha/Linda), Kangna Ranaut (Gina Grover), Kabir Bedi (Bob Grover), Nicholas Brown (Tony Grover), Anand Tiwari (Robin), Yuri Suri (Jamaal), Madhuri Bhatia (Mrs. Grover), Steven Michael Quezada, Ronald Robert Hamilton, Camme Tyla, Ivan Brutsche, Luce Rains, and others…
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A lot of people remember this movies as the singing debut of Hrithik Roshan, as well. Made it three languages (Hindi, English and Spanish) this movie is spread on a wide canvas of India and Mexico. The editing of the movie was also remain in discussion for long. The editor also discussed that it was his dilemma that whether to cut or keep the dance sequence. There made more than one versions (based on editing) for Indian and International audience.

The movie was remain in discussion as various heroins were approached for the role of Gina Grover, which was later done by Kangana. The role of Barbara Mori was also approached to other various actresses. Sonam Kapoor was offered the female lead but as the script demanded some bold stuff and she was not ready for the same, it doesn’t work out in that case. Same is said for Deepika Padukone. It is said that the script was also changed a lot and there were many negotiations done before the cast was finalized. The shooting was also had its hurdles!

The movie got mostly positive reviews by the critiques when released, but somehow people didn’t found it to deliver up to their expectations and had a moderate run. The USP of the movie – the love story where language wasn’t a boundary or limitation – looks splendid on screen but fails touch the heart. It is unable to tick the emotional segment of the viewer, which otherwise could have been a big money spinner for the film.

We also remember that when we watched the movie in theater, the people who came to watch the typical Hindi movie were disappointed a little. It is also having a little more usage of English and Maxican than a typical Hindi film lover can expect. As the matter of fact, we see majority of English movies from Hollywood are dubbed into Hindi and other regional Indian languages when released in India. It shows the taste of people and their expectations from the movie. And actually the mass – audience – plays the key role in making a movie box office success, not the critics!

But, there are no two thoughts on the production quality of the film, if had even tight editing, it could have been a very good movie watching experience.

We found the movie available on Amazon with a very good price and couldn’t stop ourselves from purchasing it! The DVD pack has bonus material also. It has quite lengthy – behind the scenes – and – making of – footage, which is interesting.

The following two songs of the movie are really nice.

The title song is in English so may not appeal a lot of people despite of having meaningful lyrics. The dance – fire – song is not up to the expectations.

If to talk about the acting, Hrithik Roshan is the top performer. His dedication, abilities, talent and hard work is shown all over the movie. He is the USP of the movie, no doubt about that. Barbara Mori does her bits convincingly. Kabir Bedi effortlessly slips into the character. Nicholas Brown does justice to his role. Anand Tiwari is nice in his supportive role. Yuri Suri looks the character. Kangana tried hard, but her dialog delivery is not up to the mark. There are a couple of scenes where she is good including the dance, but she need to improve definitely. (Some of her recent releases have shown her growth as an actor as a matter of fact.)

The background music is up to the mark (but it has to be more gripping in thriller scenes, especially when the couple is on run for example) and so does the cinematography. The song choreography is good, apart from the dance song, where being an international standard film, it deserve much better moves. The Screenplay is not gripping through out, it should have been tighter. Direction is first rate various places, and some scenes are excellent, but it is inconsistent.

Let us take a brief look at the story of the movie.

The story belongs to Jay, a youth who does various jobs in order to earn. He also does contract marriage to the girls who wants to come to USA, and earns money from them in return! His last marriage was with a Spanish Mexican girl Lynda. Gina, the daughter of Casino owner Bob Grover falls in for Jay. As Jay doesn’t like her, he refused a relationship with her. But when he got to know who she is, he vision it as his only chance to get rich. So he took a mission on his hand to convince her that he also loves her and marry her over the course of time.

Though whatever he was doing was nothing less than playing with the fire. Bob is very brutal and was a mafia-don kind of a person. You can say he was a kind of ruling entire Las Vegas. The matter gets complicated when Jay bumps into Lynda, now known as Natasha. She also chose a similar way, and get Gina’s brother, fall in for her! Again short cut to get rich. Jay and Natasha develop feelings for each other and it made the matter complicated.

The events reach to a saturation point, and their tale was exposed! What happens then after, is the rest of the story.

If you look at some movies earning crores without having some really splendid things to offer, it is definitely much better. The movie has a lot to offer and is available on a DVD at reasonable price and it is definitely worth to go for.

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