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Kaanchi | Kochadaiyaan | Two Upcoming Movies We Are Curious To See

Year 2014 seems to have so many promising movies from all over the world. Two movie trailers we saw recently and found them promising either in terms of content or interesting in terms of technology.

One is Kaanchi, a movie which is in talks since a long as the next release of Mukta Arts. Subhash Ghai moves were having a prestige to be a complete entertainer which are appealing as well! The reputation is at stack since last few movies by him did not contain what public wanted from the same.

This movie seems to be a journey of a young, honest girl who have morals and ethics and love to stood by the truth. The trailers seems promising and we are curious to see it. Here are some public videos for the same from YouTube.

Another movie is Kochadaiyaan which stars Rajnikant along with others! Well, it is not real Rajnikant but his 3D animated avatar made using the technology (and same is correct for the other actors in the movie) . The movie may have some drawbacks and loose points as discussed in this article, but seems to contain something interesting. We really hope that too much expectations from the movie (as it took really remarkable time in making) doesn’t affect it adversely; and the movie have something really cool to offer the audience.

Here is the official movie trailer available for public (it is Tamil though), and yes we hope that it will release in the target languages all at once.

Do share your thoughts about the above mentioned movies?! Are you going to watch them? What do you expect from these movies? Do let us know your remarks and thoughts via comments below…

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