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Hunger have its own grip on human emotions, be it the hunger for food or anything else. When it comes to the power, debatably most of us wants the absolute power.

Movie :
Producers : Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
Director :
Sudhir Mishra
Written by : ,
Musician : Shantanu Moitra
Cinematography : Sachin Krishn
Distributed by : Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
Released On :
Starring : Arjun Rampal, Chitrangada Singh, Deepti Naval, Kanwaljeet Singh, Vipin Sharma, Mithun Rodwittiya, Gaurav Dwivedi, Asheesh Kapur, Akanksha Nehra, Kaizaad Kotwal, Sandeep Sanchdev, Shivani Tanksale, Mohan Kapoor, Rehana Sultan, and others…

It is not new to see people fighting their close relatives for the power, be it father-son, two brothers, brother-sister or even friends. Though it is comparatively less found to see two lovers fighting each other. But as it is said when two best friends become enemies, they are the deadliest. Possibly because they know each other pretty well and hence weaknesses of the other ones. This seems to be true in case of lovers also.

However this is not the story of Inkaar, but it follows a lot from the above mentioned stuff. There are two persons, one male and one female, both holding very powerful positions in their company (one is CEO and one is just a step down to him). The company is an AD agency with a good clientele. People working there seems believing in work hard and party harder. Everything is going on smoothly till the female protagonist charges the male protagonist for sexually harassing herself.

It is very emotional and delicate issue to deal with. You say the lady was wrong and you are hurting her emotions, you say the gentleman was wrong and you are not hearing his side. In such circumstances, how the story teller deals with the progress of hearing both the parties, is the most important stuff. Because the result could be in only one’s favor but during the journey to find the truth, you have to deal with both them with equal feelings, attention and respect of course.

Sudhir Mishra is one of the very acclaimed directors who are known for dealing with the issues we see in surrounding but not everyone dare to bring them to the silver screen. His portfolio of work is enough to let anyone know about his talents. He is the main driving force (story and direction) behind this film. Which makes viewer to expect more from the film. Does the film leave up to the expectations? Well, in a simple small answer you can say that it lives up to the expectations partially. You can surely feel that there are some questions unanswered and some stuff might have the better representation.

If we take a glance at the story, after Maya Luthra have filed complaint against his boss Rahul Verma, the management of company and almost entire staff was found in kind of shock. The reason is, Maya accused Rahul for sexually harassing her! Well, it is not the thing that sexual harassment is not possible in the company or something like that. It is found at many places. The reason was Rahul and Maya was considered as one of the best creative team of the country. Rahul is a kind of mentor to Maya and whatever Maya have achieved today, is due to him. The fact is they are very good friends in people’s eye. It is even thought that they have soft corner’s for each other. If two people are having such a strong bond of emotions, how possibly one can accuse the other for such a disgusting actions?! That is surely something major happened between them, which made Maya to file such charges. And Rahul might have his say also.

Gender bios or women empowerment is having one other side as well. It is true that there are most of the cases where woman is harassed by different means and quotient by male and it is the shame of the society. It cannot be justified by any means. On the other hand it is also found that there are remarkable cases where the females are charging males with such acts and the male is declared the accused without even getting a chance to say his side. For example at a public place if a lady start shouting on a male fellow there and accuse him for misbehaving, in majority cases, people will start beating the male fellow without knowing the truth.

In short there is possible two different sides of each incident, or actually three. One is absolute truth and the personal verion for people on both the sides. What is actually correct here? Is Maya’s claim true? Is Rahul a victim?

The story unfolds and you rather getting answers, are exploring the stuff from the point of view of both of them.

The climax could have been a little more expressive. Kanwaljit Singh’s role is very small but it teaches good lessons. In terms of performances, both Chitrangada and Arjun tries well. Arjun is seen as a composed man and he is showing a very few expressions. Chitrangada plays her part well. Overall good performances. Both them are convincing. The supportive cast plays their roles with energy and their performance is shown. Some of the corporate games are explored pretty well.

One thing must be said that director done efforts to not to place sexually explicit scenes (there are points where he could have done so). Today when you see the films where such scenes are came inline from no where. This is a good effort by director to avoid them.

Overall a movie to watch once. It could have been better. Of course, keep your kids away.

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