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Kaabil | Well Acted Bollywood Thriller | Movie Reviews

Kaabil was in our “movies to watch” list since it’s release is announced. And we have watched it in the first week of the release itself. (Nowadays when the movie running time gets shorter and shorter day by day, it is tough to find even good movies in the theatre after a few weeks of it’s release.) Here are our personal views and reviews for Kaabil.

Movie : Kaabil
Director :
Sanjay Gupta
Produced by : Rakesh Roshan
Story by : (Dialoue)
Screenplay :
Music By : Songs: Rajesh Roshan
Background Score: SalimSulaiman
Editor : Akiv Ali
Cinematography : ,
Production Company : Filmkraft Productions Pvt. Ltd.
Distributed by : Filmkraft Productions Pvt. Ltd.
Release Date (Scheduled) :
Starring : Hrithik Roshan (Rohan Bhatnagar), Yami Gautam (Supriya Bhatnagar aka Su), Ronit Roy (Madhavrao Shellar), Rohit Roy(Amit Shellar), Narendra Jha (Ins. Amol Chaube), Girish Kulkarni (Sub Ins. Prvin Nalvade), Suresh Menon(Zafar), Akhilendra Mishra(Wasim’s father), Sahidur Rahman(Wasim), Urvashi Rautela (dance cameo), and others…
Purchase Link(s) : N/A

Let us start with a brief overview of the movie plot. We will try to keep spoilers at the bey.

This Is Here In For You

Book Plot:

Rohan Bhatnagar is a happy-go-lucky man who enjoys each moment of life despite of being blind. He is a kind-heart person who believes in helping others. He earns his livelihood as a voiceover artist. One day Rohan meets his equal match in Supriya who is beautiful and charming. She is also blind and a nice human being. She works as a dance teacher!

The meetings arranged between Rohan and Supriya (whom Rohan calls “Su” fondly) eventually progressed and they fall in love with each other. They find a perfect life partner in each other and got married. Rohan already have booked a flat in an under construction building which he shows (well, not literally) to Su and they both lost in the dreams of their happy future.

The life however doesn’t bring the perfectness always. Rohan and Supriya met with a tragedy which turns their world upside down. They seek for the justice, but they found the real world is more blind towards the truth and justice. The system is so corrupt that the money, muscle and influence always won against the truth!

It forces Rohan to take matter in his hand and do the needful. Of course, any action cannot bring back what is lost, but at least, it can bring peace of mind and heart a little. How he fights for the justice is the rest of the story.

Views And Reviews:

The first thing comes first. Let us talk about the acting of prime actors in the movie. Hrithik Roshan is a fantastic actor and he knows that how to live a character. He shows tremendous dedication and makes Rohan’s character believable. Yami Gautam surprises with superb acing. She convinces us that she is a good actor she is here to stay, not as only eye candy, but as an actress. Kudos to the leading pair for the fantastic performances.

Actor duos, Ronit and Rohit Roy are in negative roles here. They both does justice to their roles. They makes us to hate them and that explains their performance pretty well. Rohit’s role is comparatively smaller and thus have little screen time, but still he manages to show his impact. If Rohit and Ronit were given more opportunities, they could have done better in Bollywood.

Narendra Jha is the only actor, who appeared in both Kaabil and Raeesl and he leaves his footprint for sure. He is a good talent to watch out for. Akhilendra Mishra is a superb actor and he have proved his talent many times when given opportunity. He is completely wasted in this movie. Why we don’t see such talented actors in impressive roles? Suresh Menon got the role which could have lead him to his – Johnny Lever moment – (in Bollywood movie Sapoot, Johney Lever got a superb role) but the role turns out to be a neglected one.

The action scenes are good and impressive. The background music goes with the flow and makes the respective scenes impressive. The songs are fantastic. They are penned, recorded and executed nicely. The choreographer requires special mention here. Music is definitely one of the positive aspects of the movie.

The script could have been a lot better. Of course it is good, and some of the stuffs are written very nicely. Some of the scenes shows you the signature of Sanjay Gupta, without a doubt. Be it highly influenced by a few Hindi and Hollywood movies, the emotional quotient makes it very Indian. The film falls in the category of Aaghaz, Jaago, Shool and some other such films, which makes an emotional connect with the audience. But, there are flows in the script. Also the revenge saga could have been better. The first half of the movie is better than the second. If some characters were written and explored well and the revenge saga was written and executed in better ways, the movie could have been a masterpiece. In that terms, the movie have wasted the opportunity for sure.

We must give the credit to the makers to avoid the sexually explicit material which is common to see in Bollywood movies these days. After Ghayal Once Again, and Krrish 3, this is another movie, where the makers wisely controlled themselves in having adult material.

The locations are good, the only set where we see Rohan and Su meet often, and where the final meeting between Rohan and Chaube happens, looks artificial. The wardrobe is good. Rohan and Su’s home is shown in a middle class locality and looks realistic. It is good to see middle class home’s portrayal in Hindi movie (which is becoming rare now). The dialogs are effective.


A nice film with good emotional quotient and some well executed sequences. The actors are in brilliant form and the music album is really good. The script and execution of some scenes though prevents the movie from being a masterpiece. It is a good watch for sure.

Over to you:

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