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Force 2 | Hindi Film | Bollywood Movie Reviews

There is a trend of making sequel(s) of a popular movie. However since a few years the trend is update in a way that, now it is not necessary that the the movie have to be a masterpiece or even good or commercially hit film. Force was a comparatively good film and here comes the sequel of it Force 2. It is also worth to note that the 3rd installment in the series is already planned. If to believe sources the shooting for Force 3 will be started in around mid of 2017.

Movie : Force 2
Director :
Abhinay Deo
Based on : The Adventures of Tintin Dialogs: Hergé
Produced by : Vipul Amrutlal Shah, Viacom Motion Pictures, John Abraham
Written by : ,
Screenplay by :
Story by :
Music By : Ram Sampath
Editors : Amitabh Shukla, Sanjay Sharma
Cinematography : ,
Production Companies : Sunshine Pictures Pvt. Ltd, J.A. Entertainment
Distributed by : Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
Release Date :
Starring : John Abraham (ACP Yashvardhan), Sonakshi Sinha (Kamaljit Kaur/KK), Tahir Raj Bhasin (Shiv Sharma/Rudra Pratap Singh), Narendra Jha (RAW Head Anjan Das), Adil Hussain (Brijesh Yadav), Vikram Kapadia (Naren Kaushik), Patricia Hittler (Martinez), Genelia D’Souza (Maya), Raj Babbar (Zonal Director), Freddy Daruwala (Harris), Boman Irani (Karan Pratap Singh),

Let us take a brief look at the story of Force 2.

Book Plot:

ACP Yashwardhan is a no-nonce, honest and fearless police officer. He is not changed even a bit. Before a few years he lost his wife and now the sole passion he have is, wiping out the crime and criminals.

There is a killing spree running all around the world targeting undercover RAW agents. One of the victims was Harish. Harish was one of the best friends of Yash (aka ACP Yashvardhan). Harish suspected it and already wrote a secret message to Yash. Harish believed that there is a mole in RAW who is sending the classified information to the killer. After receiving the message, Yash decodes it and meets the respective authorities. Yash and Kamaljit Kaur (aka K K) are sent on the mission to find the culprit and expose the racket. And ultimately save the remaining RAW agents which are possible victims of the spree.

As Yash was a police officer, the team was lead by K K (being a RAW officer). Ultimately they reach to Budapest. But when they reach to their safe-house, there was a danger awaiting for them. Though, Yash’s foresight save them. They both started working on their mission (to find the mole in the Budapest Embassy) their own ways.

How they move ahead? Will they find the culprit on time? Will they be able to find the mastermind of the killing spree? Why he/she is doing it? How Yash and K K go along with each other? There are so many questions you need to get answer of. And yes, you can find them when watching the movie.

Views and Reviews:

Let us make one thing very clear that, the movie is not a masterpiece. There are so many scenes and sequences which are predictable. But so what? The movie is an action thriller, and in that terms it remains true to its genre. The viewers who went to see the movie to watch an action thriller will not be disappointed by watching it.

The story is good and have potential to be even more gripping. The dialogs are not very witty and too much philosophical. They are short, simple and effective. Don’t apply too much logic while watching the movie. It is a typical masala movie and you need to watch it that way only.

John needs to show his physique and he shows it off pretty effectively. His hard work on his body is visible on screen. While in Force there was a scene where he lifts a bike, here he lifts a car from its rear end! The targeted audience will like it.

While Sonakshi have limited expressions, John is versatile actor and it is visible in this film also.
John got more footage and he does justice to it, and Sonakshi tries hard. Overall John’s performance is better. Tahir Raj Bhasin got a good scope and he makes a lot of it. However he could have been even better. After Mardaani, he got almost similar role, and he does justice to it.

There is no chance of typical music album which you expect to see in a typical Bollywood movie. It have comparatively ok music album. The background music is upto the mark.

The locations are found by hard working and research by the team who went to search for it. The locales are looking good on screen. There is use of VFX in the movie at good extent. It makes the movie better. There are some realistic fight scenes also. The chases are heart of the movie and in that way the action director have a big responsibility to make the action sequences of world class. Now the Indian audience is explored to International cinema at very large extent, so unless you have fantastic action sequences, the viewer will find them of low quality. We can say the chases are good and action scene can compete with International movies.

Official Trailer:


Overall a good movie if you want to watch a typical action thriller. Expect what you can from a typical Bollywood Masala movie and you will enjoy it.

Over to you:

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