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GhanChakkar | Hindi Movie | Personal Reviews

Ghanchakkar – the Hindi movie is in talks since a while and is released recently. We got a chance to watch the movie and here are our personal reviews for the same.

You may start drawing links with Ghajini (the reference of the movie occurs during the film, but in different aspect) or its original source, Memento. However the theme is different. The husband-wife fights are kind of realistic. There was no need of any song in the film. It is a complete masala film to watch with some adult dialogs (which are now being common over the course of time in Hindi Cinema, which is of course no positive sign). And in that aspect, this movie may not be watched with the family together.

Movie : GhanChakkar
Director :
Rajkumar Gupta
Screenplay : ,
Produced by : Ronnie Screwala, Siddharth Roy Kapur
Music By : Amit Trivedi
Cinematography : Setu
Editor : Aarti Bajaj
Distributed by : UTV Motion Pictures
Released On :
Starring : Emraan Hashmi, Vidya Balan, Rajesh Sharma, Namit Das, and others…

Director Rajkumar Gupta this time decided to go for a thriller having a good tale as the backbone (having the passe of Kahani or Special 26 for example). And he succeed at a large extent. The suspense is built properly and till the climax you doubt both Emraan and Vidya that who is cheating whom. Your focus of doubt keeps jumping and you may start feeling that the protagonists are cheating in various aspects, or there is no memory problem with the character played by Emraan. However the climax is what it will shock you. The movie have some satirical stuff also weaved very properly. For example, the fashion loving wife and her choice of cloths, the events and dialog related to the same, are taken from the real life situations. You see people wearing kind of anything absurd in the name of fashion and it is ridiculous. The dialogs and situations are authentic. The dialogs get abusive at certain places making it not a decent watch. The title song is not ear entertaining and hence it fails to create the impact it was made to.

Let us dig a little into the story and then we will talk about performances.

Sanjay Atre aka Sanju and Nitu are a typical couple with their own attitude and differences. From their conversation we got to know that Sanju’s mother is living somewhere else and she and Nitu doesn’t share a great relation. Sanju was involved in wrong activities and Nitu was quite comfortable with it. They have now a remarkable amount of money already gathered with them and hence they live a comfortable monotonous life. Sanju spends time watching TV through out and Nitu have passion for Fashion magazines and she follows the latest trend always. She also considers herself very fashion aware and to her Sanju and his mother are old-fashioned and orthodox. She cooks as part of the routine (mostly by reading from books) and usually fails to have proper amount of ingredients mixed, so her food are not delight to eat.

One day when they were taking their dinner as routine, Sanju got a call from a man named Pandit. He got Sanju’s number from a reference. He insists to meet Sanju for some work which Sanju refused. Sanju know that it is going to be some illegal work and as he have some money already saved which can give them the comfortable life for next few years, he don’t want to do wrong stuffs anymore. After being contacts many times by Pandit, and have overheard by Nitu for the large amount of money involved in the same, he was damn sue he don’t want to be part of that work.

Nitu however insist him to at least know what is the work to do. Sanju was not interested in doing the work but Nitu indirectly insists him to do the same, without clearly telling him the same. A very realistic situation.

Sanju meets the caller on a train station and he was introduced to Pandit himself and his fellow Idris. They arranges the conference in the running train. Pandit informs him about a bank where large amount of cash will be available on 5th of the next month. This time the cash will be around 35 crores as Diwali bonus to the employee is to be given. There will be only two guards staying there in the night, making it easy for them to collect money. The only problem is the vault there, which is made by a specific company and Sanju’s expertise needed there. They will all get equal share of the money looted.

Sanju decide to go for the same. They executes the plan and despite of a couple of mishaps, the plan went on very smoothly. They got the money. There is the scene where they are dragging the bags full of money outside the bank – which is realistic in the sense of the possible weight of the bags. Otherwise, we see that in movies and TV shows people carries the bags with crores of rupees just like they are lighter than the air! The director does it right here.

Pandit advise them that they will meet after 3 months and distribute money amongst them. Till then they will be doing no show-offs, no shopping, in short they will not to anything which can grab attention due to their spending. And unexpectedly they hands over the money to Sanju to keep it safe till then. Sanju was shocked but Pandit explains that as he is the one who have a family, he is the most trust-able in terms of money.

After few months, as decided Pandit and Idris called Sanju, naturally to meet and distribute the money, but Sanju refused to meet them by claiming them that he doesn’t know them!! Angry Pandit and Idris get into Sanju’s home and kidnaps his wife Neetu and warns them that he will get her back once he will hand them over the money. Over the course we got to know that during this months, Sanju met with an accident and he developed Amnesia. He keeps forgetting the things. And the problem is he really forgot that he know Pandit and Idris or they made a loot or where he hid the money!!!!

Pandit and Idris definitely want their money back in any situation, and Sanju starts searching for money at any place he can think of to get the money, hand them over to Pandit and Idris and save his wife. Will Sanju find money? Does he really suffer from memory loss or he is acting? Hadn’t Sanju told about the whereabouts of the money to his best trusted person, Neetu, his wife, at all? Does Neetu know about the money and taking advantage of Sanju’s memory loss and is planning to grab all the money, ditch Sanju and run away? At what extent Idris and Pandit will go for the money? Well, this is the rest of the story. And in suspense movies, spilling the beans will take the thrill to watch it on screen, so we are not disclosing anything here.

If to talk about performances all the main four characters does justice to their characters. They all acted well. Vidya plays the role of Neetu convincingly. Emraan is excellent (though there are a couple of scenes where he looks tired and not convincing). Rajesh Sharma and Namit Das plays really well. The story have some low points of course. And yes, we feel that the title doesn’t suit the movie.

Overall, it is a movie you can go for. You will enjoy it. But remember that as there is abusive language at some places in the movie, so consider it not be watched with family.

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