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What is there in the name? Of course naming Rose something else wouldn’t affect its characteristics. But usually we are attracted to something by its name and first look. Authors often think a few names for his/her book and shortlist them to choose the final one, ditto for the films, TV Serials and other stuffs. Recently there was a movie released titled Fugly, which doesn’t strike to be a serious, issue based movie, at the first glance. People may have thought of it as a comedy movie which can be watched for pure entertainment. And, this seems worked against the movie. The people who like such type of movies didn’t went to watch it, and the people who watched it had different expectations. Thus the movie hadn’t seen the success it could have been otherwise.

Of course, it is not a master piece and it has its own flows. But it doesn’t make it un-watchable by any means.

Movie : Fugly
Director :
Kabir Sadanand
Produced by : Ashvini Yardi, Alka Bhatia, Akshay Kumar
Story By :
Music By : Yo Yo Honey Singh, Prashant Vadhyar, Raftaar & badshah
Editor : Shounok Ghosh
Cinematography : Milind Jog
Production Company : Grazing Goat Pictures
Released On :
Starring : Jimmy Shergill (Inspector Chautala), Mohit Marwah (Dev), Kiara Advani (Devi), Vijender Singh (Gaurav), Arfi Lamba (Aditya), Anshuman Jha (Cheeni), and others…

Actually the initial segment of the movie where we see some spoiled brats were living their happy-go-lucky lives. Though their lives weren’t aimless. Everyone of them have their own perspective to achieve. Gaurav is a son of a politician who always use his father’s political influence to get him and his group out of trouble when they caught with any. Dev is interested in organizing adventure camps and he is on the way of a good career opportunity for him. Devi is a daughter of a war hero who lives with his widowed mother and a part of this group. Aditya, the fourth member of the group is sensible and fragile at the same time.

The things take a U-turn for them when two things happened to them. They have had a small fight with a cunning youngster. Devi was molested by a shopkeeper. Devi protested, but the shopkeeper have presented the things quite in different manner to the people who oversee the incident, which lead to humiliation for Devi. And if that was not enough, caught in brutal realities, her mother asked her to apologize from the shopkeeper!

Do we leave the families of war-heroes and the ones who did something good for the society and even sacrificed their lives, in such terrible situations? Doesn’t they deserve a better and respected lives? Of course they do.

Angry and furious by this incident, the group decide to teach the shopkeeper a lesson. The kidnap him from his shop. They wanted him to feel the pain and teach them a lesson so he cannot do the same thing to anyone else. But, when taking him to a remote place in their car, they were stopped by Inspector Chautala. Gaurav thought they will easily get rid of him like they usually do in such situation, by the political influence. But when brutal, cunning, politically connected, opportunistic and villainous Chautala found the shopkeeper in the boot-space of the car; he decided to play a dangerous game.

The actions of Chautala made to be trapped into something they cannot come out. And the more they try to get out of it, the situation becomes worst for them. The action-reaction chain afterwards, is the rest of the story.

The story have a better mid-half and finale we can say. It takes its time to come to the point. The title of the movie is a short form of “Fight against UGLY”. But why they choose to give such title to the film? Anyway, the title song also reinforces the misconception about the possible content of the movie. And as said earlier, before going to watch the movie, people assume a lot more about it from the first impression or promos of the same.

Anyway, a few lines are written pretty well eg. the outburst of Devi when she was talking about the molestation incident. All the protagonists are new and they did their bits but in terms of acting they need to be better for sure. They are able to look convincing, but they have a long way to go and nurture their skills. Jimmy Shergill stands out in his role. He is looking far different than his character in his debut movie, Mohabattein. It is his achievement as an actor.

The movie takes off well, but the story of the friends start with a little dull track. It again come to proper pace with the entry of the antagonist and remain the same for a long time. There is a dull block again, and then comes the climax. The script could have been tighter. Delhi is now seen as an important “character” in several movies. This movie have some good visuals of the city as well. Some insights of the politics are obvious.

The direction is first rate and people may see the influences of “Rang De Basanti” in a few scenes of the movie. The background music is good. The entire music album could have been better though. If the editor could have managed to cut some scenes and pace was maintained, it could have worked in positive ways for the movie. The party/item songs doesn’t work in favor of the movie.

Curtsey: Poster – Wikipedia, Trailer – YouTube

Overall, not a master-piece, but not even worth let go without a watch, movie.

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