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English Vinglish | Hindi Film | Bollywood movie Reviews

It would always been fascinating to watch quality Bollywood movies or typical Bollywood movies. There was a time when there were more movies being created which could have been known as Social cinema Those were the movies which were having some real characters from the society and rather than depicting the larger than the life events they were concentrating on the social problems in current surroundings.

Of course the quality social cinema was never out of the line anyway during any period. But the frequency of such films which can cause an impact was comparatively made low.

Gauri Shinde came with an emotional social journey of a middle class housewife Shashi Godbole. And the movie is fantastic. It is not the masterpiece nor it claims so. But it is a genuine attempt to make an emotional social movie exploring a simple problem faced by a number of housewives in day-to-day routine. And the director/producer/writer gets distinction in the same.

If to talk about the performances Shridevi (Sridevi) is the show stealer. I would not like to call it a comeback but rather – a stunning screen appearance after a long interval – by Sridevi is obviously fantastic. She chose the right film, right script to do the job and filled-in it with the great performance. Praising her performance in no way we are missing to judge the performance of the supporting cast. All the characters are performed fantastically well. And, it is a delight to watch a film with so many great performances together.

The another important thing to mention is, it a movie which you can watch with your entire family! Such movies are being rare nowadays. So after OMG! Oh My God this is another nice movie for the audience to enjoy with family.

Movie :
English Vinglish
Producers : Sunil Lulla, R. Balki, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, R. K. Damani
Director :
Gauri Shinde
Screenplay :
Gauri Shinde
Story :
Gauri Shinde
Musician : Amit Trivedi
Cinematography : Laxman Utekar
Editor : Hemanti Sarkar
Studio : Hope Productions, IBC Spotlight
Distributed by : Eros International, IBC Motion Pictures
Released On :
Starring : Sridevi, Priya Anand, Mehdi Nebbou, Adil Hussain, Sujata Kumar, Cory Hibbs, Rajeev Ravindranathan, Sumeet Vyas, Ruth Aguilar, Damian Thomson, Maria Romano, Neelu Sodhi, Ross Nathan, Maria Pendolino, Sulabha Deshpande, Shivansh Kotia, and others…

The film has its flip side(s) too, which includes some flows in the story and the direction. Even for certain events you feel that they might be unnecessary or may have been executed in better ways. But it doesn’t affect the quality and the positive side of the film anyway.

The story is simple, Shashi Godbole a perfect housewife who cares for her two children, husband, mother in law and runs his small business of making laddus altogather. She tries manage everything perfectly and make everyone associated with her, happy by all the means. However she feels that the respect and attention she deserve, is not be given to her by her loved ones (love is of course there). Though we see youngest of her two kids, his son loves her a lot. She doesn’t know English very well, and as you know in current times, most of the offices uses English a lot in the communication and management. Even most of the kids (as their parents prefer) takes education in English medium. There is no war against English language anyway, it is the universal language and it must be learn and respected. But, not being fluent the same makes her being ignored not only by her husband but her daughter also. Her daughter feel ashamed to take her mother to the school with her. As parents of most of the kids communicate in English and her mother lack the same!

A mother never feel shy when her children were growing up and doing some nasty things. She is happy to change the diapers in public or taking care of their other mischief without being ashamed. But sometimes children are not comfortable with the parents.

Anyway, there comes a time when Shashi’s sister who is living in USA with her kids (and her husband was expired a long ago) is arranging a marriage function for her daughter. To manage all the things properly she need helping hand of Shashi. Even Shashi’s mother-in-law suggest that she should go and help her sister, as she is only one who can be asked for help by her sister.

Poor in English, Shashi have to leave for the USA alone as her husband have other arrangements and will be coming later with their children. What will she do without the knowledge of English? Will she be able to survive? This is the point from where her journey to earn self-confidence, knowledge of English and getting familiar with some other aspects of the life, is started.

The background music is up-to-the mark. The cameos by various stars in different version of the movie, doesn’t make a difference. Sridevi is even more charming than she was, only her voice is having the effects of the age. The director and producer pass with distinction with the entire team of the movie scoring similar.

Here is the exclusive “Making Of” of “English Vinglish” for you to enjoy..

It is worth to note that the film is released in Tamil and Telugu also (along with the Hindi version). There are six songs in each version.

Overall a good watch with family.

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