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Ek Villain | Bollywood Film 2004 | Hindi Movie Reviews

Recently released Bollywood movie Ek Villain was able to create an image/hype of itself, making us curious to watch the movie. The movie is definitely not the masterpiece, it has its own flows, it has inspiration(!) from Korean film I Saw The Devil; but the film is definitely watchable.

Movie : Ek Villain
Director :
Mohit Suri
Produced by : Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor
Written By : ,
Music By : Ankit Tiwari, Mithoon, Soch (Band)
Editor : Deven Murudeshwar
Cinematography : Vishnu Rao
Production Company : Balaji Motion Pictures
Distributed by : ALT Entertainment
Released On :
Starring : Riteish Deshmukh (Rakesh Mahadkar), Sidharth Malhotra (Guru), Shraddha Kapoor (Aisha Verma), Aamna Sharif (Sulochana Mahadkar), Shaad Randhava (Aditya Rathore), Remo Fernandes (Caesar), and others…

The movie starts with the murder of young woman named Ayesha Verma by a hooded figure.

Before minutes of this incident, we see bringing a statue of Lord Ganesha by self driving a car. She escape a small accident and prevent some children from getting injured. The reason of the “could be fatal accident” is digging of the road by telephone company. She then asks the MTNL worker working there to oversee the process and bury it so such accident could be avoided. This is important scene. By watching it in less than one hour you got to know who murdered her and why.

Though, the “why” part is not officially revealed till the end, the “who” part is not tried to cover up. So audience know it pretty early that who is the “Villain”. It is then on the should of the director to move the story ahead in gripping manner, so that despite of knowing the suspense, the audience still enjoy the thrilling moments till the climax.

The movie is no doubt having some fine performances. Riteish is definitely the heart of the film in terms of acting team and Siddharth does his part convincingly too. Sharddha looks the character and gives her bit. But she is not very convincing in his “talk-talk” avatar. Siddharth’s character shows anger mainly with his body and Riteish’ character have amazing expressions to represent his various moods. Siddharth have worked on bulking up to look the character and Riteish have chosen this experimental role to prove his acting metal. Both of them succeed to their goals.

Aamna Sharif has a small role which is quite important and she justifies it with her acting. There is even a character in the movie who consider women as the lower gender. Just scolding and beating his wife without even a reason is a sign of being man for him! Unfortunately there are such people there in the society who makes it a worst place. Why this character is not meeting with his fate in the climax?

Remo Fernandes is playing a gangster. His dialog delivery reminds you a character from “3 Idiots”. He doesn’t look menacing but doesn’t look unconvincing either. Shad have a small role which he plays naturally. There are some supporting actors who played convincingly and not talked much about eg. Asif Basra.

The songs and the background music is good to ear and adds to the story, and proves the positive attribute of the movie. The cinematography is first rate. Some action sequences are really good. The fight at railway station (on skywalk), or in the hospital are thrilling and gripping. They are no larger than the life action scenes with the use of wire and SFX or VFX (which is rather common these days), but they are rather realistic, and it works in favor of those fight sequences.

The father-son relations between Rakesh (played by Riteish) and his son are shown nicely. The set of their home represents a middle class family home pretty convincingly. The scenes where Rakesh is ill-treated by his wife are written well and performed convincingly. The climax is also written thoughtfully. A lot of problems faced by common man are represented in the movie realistically and indirectly its psychological effects are also shown. Also the way Guru decides to deal with the Rakesh after knowing the truth is interesting. The transformation of Guru’s character, and his decision to take care of Rakesh’s son by adopting him, leaves the positive impact. The metaphor(s) represented in the movie are interesting.

If it could have been tighter script, the impact of the movie was even better. Though you will definitely not regret the time you spend to watch this movie, if you decide so.

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